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A Fourth season of Forged in Fire began airing on January 10, 2017

S4 Started January 10, 2017

A Hot Slice of Craftsmanship!

If you love beautiful and uniquely crafted swords, or the historical battle weapons on shows like Game of Thrones, then this series is perfect for you! Forged in Fire is a competition series that allows blade smiths to enter a round of three eliminations with the chance to walk away with $10,000 and the title of champion.

Filmed on a set in Brooklyn, New York known only as The Forge, contestants are provided with all of the tools and materials they could possibly need to craft amazing blades. Hosted by Wil Willis for three seasons now, he is joined by a permanent panel of judges who are masters of weaponry use and their histories.

There is a new judge for season 3! Master blade smith Jason Knight will be a part of the now-four judges panel. Jason joins veterans Doug Marcaida, an expert martial arts and combat blades who often says the catch phrase, “will it cut, will it kill” and provides plenty of sharp wit (pun intended); J. Neilson, who is all about durability and quality testing, as he is the title-holding Master Smith of the bunch; and David Baker who provides notes about beauty and historical accuracy based on his years of replica creation in Hollywood prop studios.

The excitement comes when the contestants choose their blade material, and sometimes also for the handle, from scraps of metal or are forced to use whatever Willis gives them as a challenge. As the aspiring blade masters run through the three levels of the competition, they are sometimes schooled by their master judges in an exciting hour of ancient-craft-meets-modern-technology as they battle for the title of champion.

Reviews Are Sharp!

IMDb voters rank the series at 7.9 out of 10 with over 400 votes cast. That’s really high for such a niche show, but it’s not surprising considering the excitement surrounding replicating some of the historical weaponry found on Hollywood sets for popular movies and series. Viewers have commented about the amazing talent that gathers for this show, from the judges to the contestants, and how it is refreshing to see an elimination show involving real science and craftsmanship, with very little drama.

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Viewer Comments Are on Fire!

Season 3 premiered on August 23, 2016, and earned a demo rating of 0.43 with 1.23 million viewers tuning in. That is an amazing start for this season, and the show is delivering the kind of high ratings that History Channel likes to see. So far, the third season has earned an average of 1.58 million viewers, the highest season earner yet for this show.

Executive Vice President and Head of Programming for the History Channel, Paul Cabana, said,  “The viewer response is a true testament to the series’ ability to showcase the ingenuity and spirit needed to bring this ancient craft to life each week.” The third season has received such a high viewer response that the network announced on November 3, 2016, that they have ordered another 20 episodes of the show, so there is definitely more FF in the near future!

#ForgedFire airs Tuesday nights at 9pm ET on the History Channel. The series is also available to stream on Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes.


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Get ready for another exciting season of #FiF! On January 10th the show will return for its 4th season by pitting the best blacksmiths in the world against one another. Who will come out victorious this year?

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