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‘Forever Boys’ Will Star Forever In Your Mind


The boy band craze is still strong as Disney is looking into cashing in on a comedy pilot starring Forever In Your Mind. The supernatural teen comedy is about three brothers in a band that are bitten by a vampire in 1957. Their dreams of becoming a famous boy band now in jeopardy, they take to the shadows for half a century to keep their dark secret. Things take a turn for the better when they run into a music producer who believes in them, despite their condition.

All of the brothers revive their dreams of being a famous band, only this time they are a vampire boy band! Life as a teenager is hard enough without being famous, and now they will have to do it as vampires in the limelight.

Everything is falling in place for Disney, as Forever In Your Mind is signed with Disney Music Group’s record label. They have also been in business with Disney outside of their music careers, so getting their own show was only a matter of time. The Best Friends Whenever theme song came from this group, and band member Garcia is a regular on that show.

A good opportunity for all, the band seems like they are ready to take Disney by storm, and do what not even the Jonas brothers could accomplish. With a lot of acting gigs in and outside of the Disney family between the band members, there is a growing anticipating about the ceiling of their talent. Yes Dear writer Bob Smiley is behind the series, so the boys are in good hands creatively. Other writers on the team are David Light, Stephen Engel and Joseph Raso.

Will the band become a big hit on television and surpass expectations? Or will this just be another team drama copycat?

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