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Food Factory Season 7? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #FoodFactory S7: To be announced

Wonder What’s Inside That Snack?

Food Factory is the show that breaks through the mysterious manner in which some of our favorite edibles are prepared. There’s something almost mesmerizing about watching big factory machines as they whir and wind their way through what seems like miles of production lines, just so we can enjoy our convenient treats.

Cineflix Productions has sent their camera crews into some of the most well-known manufacturing houses of goodies and ingredients, bringing Canadian viewers close to the factory line. Some of the processes used may not surprise, but others may simply shock and awe fans of this series as they witness what goes into making their beloved and delicious snacks.

Not only are the mega-machines and conveyer belts that contain our food showcased, but also the science behind developing consistent taste and texture, batch after batch. People have come to expect iconic products to be exactly the same regardless of packaging, and there is a lot of scientific sophistication to make that happen.

Hundreds of name-brand products have been featured on #FoodFactory over its life-span. Season 6 premiered on September 24, 2016, and features even more deliciousness, taking viewers through three major holidays, and the treats that feed us on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Not since Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have people been so excited about peeking behind the factory doors. Next time you open a bag of chips or break into your favorite candy bar, take a moment to ponder how this food was created, packaged, and delivered to your hand.

IMDb voters rank this show at 8.0 out of 10 with over 80 votes cast. That is extremely high for a show about factories! Most viewers have great things to say about the show, especially enjoying the way they talk with factory workers, letting them talk about what they personally do on the assembly lines. Unfortunately, there is an overall dislike for the narrators, with their poorly written dialog and cheesy scripted lines. Viewers feel that the show would be much better if they stuck to intelligent narration and the educational aspect, informing audiences about the foods they consume, rather than just cracking jokes about the difficulty of the processes.

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Some also commented that after seeing what goes into making their once-favorite snacks on this show, they changed their minds about what they eat; some being turned off completely from processed foods altogether due to the lack of real ingredients and the chemically reverse-engineered flavoring used to get the right taste.

There have not been any official announcements made by FYI or Cineflix Productions about future seasons of FF airing in Canada, but the show seems to be rated high enough to avoid the axe for more years to come.

#FoodFactory airs on Sunday mornings at 9am on Food Network Canada.

What do you think about the narration of the show? Which of the food factories were the most fascinating to watch? Are

there any of your favorite foods that you would like to see being made on this show?

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