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Animal Planet's Reality & Real Life series will not be renewed for a Second season

#FlippingShips Cancelled, No Season Two :(

Will Edwin McCain be returning to Animal Planet with a new batch of nautical masterpieces?

Flipping Ships is an American documentary-style program that occupied Animal Planet’s Friday night 9:00 PM timeslot from May 1st, 2015 until June 12th of the same year. The series is part of the network’s new “wish-fulfillment” programming, joining the ranks of Tanked, Insane Pools, and Redwood Kings. FS, however, focuses on the renovation of abandoned sea vessels.

Flipping ships is hosted by Edward McCain. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, McCain is a musician, behind tracks such as the famous 90s hit “I’ll Be” (named by Dr. Phil as the “best wedding song ever”), as well as the emotional father-daughter ballad entitled “Walk With You”. Going from live concerts to physical labor was not the direction expected by fans of McCain, however, McCain actually claims to have developed his passion for repairing different vehicles via his time on the road. It was not rare for McCain’s tour bus to break down, and when it occurred, he would often find himself beneath the vehicle, working for hours until he could solve the issue.

He eventually gathered a wealth of knowledge and began to transfer his newfound mechanical skills to other projects. Upon discovering a run-down boat hidden in the corner of a warehouse, McCain purchased it for the intents of a complete rebuild. The project was highly successful and McCain continued fixing boats for fun. Eventually, however, he decided to repair them professionally, launching a business called Boats Have Souls. McCain explains his motivations by saying, “We started the business to put good boats into good families’ hands by restoring them in ways that might otherwise be financially out of reach.” 

Shoddily-shot phone footage was the original version of #FlippingShips, the concept of which was pitched by McCain to Animal Planet in 2014. The network was intrigued by the idea and a 6-episode premiere season was soon scheduled for May 1st of 2015. Of the commissioning, Edwin has said, “I’ve been working on and developing this concept for several years, but I never imagined it would get this kind of attention.” He continues, “I’m thrilled that Animal Planet shares our vision”. 

As mentioned, #FS is essentially a renovation series, featuring the Boats Have Souls crew taking on a new monumental project each episode. McCain’s crew is centered on providing their clients with the most personalized and high-quality end results possible. Each single boat has its own personality, an element that the #FS producers accurately convey with each tale. As one reviewer notes, Edwin’s nautical crafts “all have a story to tell; about the people who built them, Edwin’s team who defies all odds to reconstruct them, to the families who take them home”.

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Throughout the series, a few of McCain’s music industry friends make a guest appearance. For example, in the FS premiere episode, entitled “Country Superstar On Deck”, McCain is commissioned by long-time friend and musician Darius Rucker to build a Rock-n-Roll themed speed boat to ultimately be sold for charity. Other of McCain’s season one projects have additionally included the Boaterhome (a combination boat and RV), a custom rat rod style boat, and his highly-praised pontoon boat renovation.

At times, both touring and working on #FlippingShips’ outrageous projects can

prove to be exhausting for the hit musician. He thanks both his crew and fans for his success, saying “I’m blessed to have an amazing team along with the help and support of boating enthusiasts statewide here in South Carolina.” 

Unfortunately, Animal Planet has not revealed whether they intend to renew McCain’s Flipping Ships series.

Are you a fan of Flipping Ships? If so, what is your favorite season one project?

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Animal Planet decided to cancel the series, there will not be season 2. Stay tuned as we continue to monitor the future of Flipping Ships.

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Richard Bigboy
Richard Bigboy
11 months 9 days ago

Great show, bring it back AP jerkos!!!