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The fate of Flipping Out Season 10 remains up in the air

Release Date of #FlippingOut S10: To be announced

Flipping Out is the long-running, hugely successful reality TV series that follows Jeff Lewis and his home design and renovation business in LA, along with his entourage. The show is currently in its 9th season, having debuted in 2007.

Nine seasons about a small, home renovation business may jump out at you as unlikely. Surely there’s more to it, I hear you ask. Well, nope. But it is the individuals we follow that make the show what it is. Jeff Lewis is as charismatic and entertaining as any sitcom or drama protagonist, with the added bonus that it is all him and the show is all real. No corny acting or manufactured drama.

And with the news that Jeff and his partner will be having a gayby, that is, a baby through a surrogate mother, this adds a whole new dynamic to the show. While on the one hand it might be that Jeff will take some times out with his partner to look after child, one could just as easily imagine that the new little itty bitty human will be part of the show.

Especially considering the financial side of having a baby. Yes, it would be lovely to take a few years off and raise a child with both parents always there, not tied down to work. But in reality in the incredibly competitive culture of LA a year or two of rest will not only set you back financially, but make it much harder to pick things up again as clients move on, business opportunities are lost and you come back a bit less sharp than when you left. This latter aspect also is impossible to avoid no matter how competent the team you leave in charge while you’re gone might be.

So don’t expect too much of a break for Jeff and the #FlippingOut team. One could easily imagine a situation where Jeff’s partner is the primary caregiver while Jeff continues to focus on his work and ensuring financial stability for his family later on in life.

Authentic Entertainment are the production team we have to thank for nine seasons of Jeff’s trials and tribulations. There was also a spin off from the show, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, which saw two seasons air in 2012 and 2013.

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Neither Bravo, the network the show is on (catch it on Thursday’s by the way), or Authentic have announced anything officially regarding a tenth season. A tenth season would be a terrific milestone for the series and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them end it there. Ending it now, however, would seem a step too soon especially with the added element of a newborn baby to add some cuteness to what has sometimes been a cutthroat show.

And considering the show’s viewing figures have remained remarkably consistent for the last few seasons, hovering around 1 million views per episode, the show’s commercial viability is as strong as ever.

What are you most looking forward to in this current season? Do you think Jeff will take a temporary break from the show for his newborn or would you love to see the little ball

of cuteness on the show itself, adding an element of compassion and fatherhood to the show’s topics touched on?

In any case, subscribe to our website for more information and updates in order to be the first to know about a tenth season. Of course, we’re still in the middle of the ninth (head over to Bravo to catch up) so its early day’s yet, but you don’t want to miss out on this exciting news!

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