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The Seventh season of the Home Renovation series Flip or Flop was originally broadcast on December 1, 2016

S7 Started December 1, 2016

To Flip or to Flop…

Orange County, California has one of the most ludicrously lucrative real estate businesses in America, with prices sky-high, and properties that often shine like the sun from their stunning location and beauty. The OC also took a notoriously huge hit when the housing market crashed in 2008, sending many people into bankruptcy, leaving behind a trail of foreclosed homes.

Hosts Tarek and Christina El Moussa were not immune to that insane period of time in housing history, but they figured a way out of misery. They left their $6,000 per month mortgage for a $700 per month rent, and put their minds into making this game work. They sent an audition tape of a successful flip they did to HGTV, and as they say, the rest is history.

This real estate power couple possess a powerful talent for finding and flipping LA houses for profit. Together with their partner Pete de Best, they power through the process and report all profits and losses along the way. So far, there has only been one property which took a loss of only $3,300. Out of the close to 70 properties having been flipped so far (and that’s only those that make the show), the highest profit they have made is $167,500, that’s enough to buy a whole house in other parts of America!

The first spin-off aired in July 2015 and was called Flip or Flop Follow-up, where Tarek and Christina visited some of their past properties. Those homes which did not sell during the original season, but sold afterward, got some camera time and information about the price of sale was given. They visited one of their most successful flips as well as one of the total flops, explaining what went well and wrong at each, including the airing of previously unseen footage from that property.

Reviews Flopping.

IMDb voters rank the show at 6.4 out of 10 with over 800 votes cast. Viewers comment about the series being interesting from the standpoint of the actual construction and DIY work that goes into flipping a house, but most viewers are totally annoyed by the hosts. Many viewers have said that Tarek and Christina are just real estate agents who have no idea how to actually do any of the interesting stuff like construction and design, so they add very little value to the show.

Viewers would rather see someone in the contracting business talk them through process from start to finish, rather than just have the final ‘yes or no’ and hope it makes the sale. They also comment about Christina being way over dressed for most of the episodes, and not adding much at all to the decision making.

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Viewership Making Profits!

Despite those rough reviews, #FlipFlop continues to rock the real estate shows. In #FlipFlop: Selling Summer, the show focused on the backyards, landscaping, pools, and general revamping of the outdoors of beautiful Los Angeles homes. The special season was only five episodes, and was technically part of the original show, more like a special season, which might split each summer for this show considering its high success.

Season 6 premiered on August 25, 2016, and earned a super-high demo rating of 0.75 with 2.87 million viewers. FF: Selling Summer was the number one rated show on cable that night. That is extremely impressive for this series, and considering this was a summertime special season, focused on the outdoors, it was nice for HGTV to see viewers spending their Thursday nights indoors, watching this show.

The seventh season premiere will be on December 1, 2016, returning the show to its regular flipping schedule on Thursday nights at 9pm on HGTV. While there hasn’t been any official announcements from HGTV about a eighth season, there is no reason to believe this show is going away, not with such high ratings.

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