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The Fourth season of First Time Flippers began on January 7, 2017

S4 Started January 7, 2017

Like many of the shows on the DIY channel, First Time Flippers shows the transformation of a dilapidated building into a place fit for human habitation. While the premise of the show is a little different, the program is pretty much exactly the same as all the iterations of the concept which have come before it. Here, a few entrepreneurial people with basic skills in home improvement come together to make a profit on a run-down house. Often times, they know each other. There are lots of family members or couples who are trying to flip the homes. Other than that, it’s just about what you would expect on the DIY channel.

DIY is not known for being one of the biggest networks on cable television. In fact, the viewership for most of their shows hardly ever breaks the half a million mark. They were able to get perennial target of 90’s comedians Vanilla Ice into a contract in 2014, which brought them some increased popularity in that year. Otherwise, they cater to a particular (and not very large) audience. It seems the executives in charge here are well aware of that fact, as they have never tried to branch out with different programming. America’s Worst Kitchens, Blog Cabin, and other shows related to home improvement are the only things you’ll see on their airwaves. It’s unlikely that DIY will ever start airing re-runs of Happy Days.

There is no member of DIY’s portfolio more entrenched in this channel culture than FTF. The show is in its third season and airs on Saturday nights from 9 – 10 PM, which is possibly the most difficult time slot for any show, rivaled only by the same time on Friday nights. The audience is undoubtedly very small, which is probably why ratings for it are not available.

Perhaps only DIY itself knows the exact number of viewers for the show, but we can infer from its online presence that it has a few fans who watch it with some regularity. While it has no presence on Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic, about 10 fans give it under 5.0 out of 10 on IMDb. No user has stepped up to give it a review here, but it has some forum presence, mostly criticizing the newbie builders and speculating that a crew of contractors is rushed in to fill in the gaps left by the tyros in order to show the before-and-after shots of the houses.

Activity on YouTube is marginally more hopeful. DIY sells the show there for around $2 per episode. They also put up some promotion clips about the families who are joining together to do business. These receive anywhere from a paltry few hundred viewers to less than a couple thousand. The channel currently has less than 100,000 subscribers.

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The only thing certain here is that #FTF has remained on the air for 3 years, since 2013 and has, what most would consider to be, a difficult time slot. Given that similar shows, such as Blog Cabin, have been on the air for several years, it’s possible that #FirstTimeFlippers can continue to survive for seasons to come. As of yet, nothing is certain.

If the show is to be renewed for a season 4 in 2017, it

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What do you think of this new DIY series? Do you think the flippers are getting some behind-the-scenes help to renovate the homes? Do you think they should get Vanilla Ice to help them flip the houses? Give us your opinions down below.

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