‘First Responders’ Backed By Vin Diesel


NBC is teaming up with Vin Diesel for the procedural drama First Responders, which will have Diesel serving as executive producer. Procedurals are perfect for NBC, but seeing action star Diesel attached is a bit jarring.

The in development project falls under Diesel’s One Race Television company, which has a contract with Universal Television for first look rights. There is no doubt that the company saw something special with the series and snatched it up before another network got the chance.

First Responders will be a high octane series about young veterans and their issues settling into modern day society. As the best search and rescue team in the country, they are always on the move to save the next life, and with very little time to prepare their hearts and minds for the trauma. So while they save lives on a daily basis, their own lives all apart as a result.

The unique series will center around husband and wife duo Doc and Lil Pierce, a couple that also runs the search and rescue operation. First Responders chose an interesting setting for the procedural, and it will take place on a Southern California coastal base. A small side story (which will become big later on in the series) is how the couple has been unable to solve the disappearance of their son.

On the strange side, Jesse Stern will be the writer for the series and is best known for the Call of Duty and Titanfall video game franchises. He has been involved with NCIS as a writer for years, so thankfully this great series won’t be his first time on a procedural. First Responders will be a very special show for Diesel, and possibly an entrance as an actor into television.

What do you think of the premise? Is it a show that can survive on the procedural heavy NBC?

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