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Find My First Love Season 3? The network has not made a decision yet

Release Date of #FMFL S3: To be announced

For the Love of Finding Love!

Some people still pine over their first true loves, feeling a deep connection to a specific person sometimes decades after the affair ended. Find My First Love follows host Cherry Healey and team as they tap into clues all over the world.

This show was originally produced by NerdTV specifically for the FYI network in the US. It appears as though the first two episodes aired in 2015 on FYI, then was shelved. MTV in the UK picked up the series and premiered it on June 15, 2016.

According to an entry on Cherry Healey’s personal blog on October 19, 2016, #FMFL is also currently airing in Canada and will once again air on FYI in the US soon, although no specific release date was provided. She seems excited to see it airing, as she reported the series required almost two years to film, as they traveled tens of thousands of miles to find these first loves.

There has already been one success-story, as Alicia was able to find Benjamin with Cherry’s help. The two met in France nearly a decade ago while Alicia was studying abroad, and they had a hard and fast romance. She had not been able to get him out of her head ever since, and always wondered what could have been.

Benjamin was happy to see Alicia, and a follow-up has stated that the two stirred up the love-pot with smiles on their faces. “We’ve had some amazing outcomes – some amazingly happy endings,” Cherry shared with Daily Mail Online, “Some are like a fairy tale – and some are not so much.”

When online resources and social media produce dead-ends, Cherry and team actual work with local private detectives to find folks. The tips provided often take the crew across the Atlantic, mostly US and Europe so far, but they are open to going anywhere to track down these first loves in what takes sometimes almost a month of non-stop searching. When they finally think they are getting close, it can turn out to be false hope, and that is what makes the show emotionally enriching.

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Regardless of whether the couple have a happy ending or not, the closure in itself is worth the effort. Cherry has described it as “euphoric therapy” and notes that it brings everyone a sigh of relief, to finally know, one way or the other, where they stand with a person.

Viewers have been a bit harsh on this series, with cheeky comments about it encouraging independent stalkers to take up their own causes around the world. It can be seen as a selfish action, to not consider what a reinsertion into a past love’s life can do to them (and their current relationships).

With the show getting a very slow start, having been piloted last year and now finally getting more airtime, it’s teetering on the edge of cancellation altogether. There have been no indications of a renewal order from any of the network’s yet.

Have you watched the first episode yet? Do you think the show goes to far into the stalking realm, or do you think it is presented in a beautiful and heartfelt manner?

What do you think about Cherry as a host and guide as they hunt for first loves?

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