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National Geographic has yet to officially confirm the fate of Filthy Riches Season 3

Release Date of #FilthyRiches S3: To be announced

Filthy Riches arrived on our TV screens in 2014 in the form of a reality TV show and it is now in its second season and airs on the National Geographic Channel. The series is produced by Time Traveling and Say Yes to the Dress.

What’s It All About?

This reality TV series follows the lives of some of the most ingenious and industrious people from all over the US who work hard and often get extremely dirty in order to make a living. Throughout the series viewers have been introduced to people who make a living fishing for eels, picking mushrooms, hunting out ginseng and Burl tree hunters, all who go about collecting items to make money from them.

What’s Been Happening?

#FilthyRiches began airing on April 20 2014 with episode one when viewers were introduced to Ray Turner who was getting ready for the migration of eels in the Delaware River and Billy Taylor along with his sons, who go hunting in the Appalachian Mountains looking for root ginseng. Meanwhile Bloodworm hunters had to deal with the tides that are incoming on the mudflats in Maine.

Throughout the season viewers saw Ray having to deal with a big lighting storm, hunters of mushrooms in Michigan finding life hard, bloodworm hunters fighting over turf and burlers having to gamble on a walnut burl in California.

The season came to an end on June 7 2014 when the hunters found a burl that was worth $15,000 and Billy had to find 70 pounds of ginseng on the last day of the season and Ray wanted one more catch of eels before the migration ended.

The latest season to end at the time of writing was season 2 and the season aired on May 6 2015 when Ray started to build the biggest weir ever along with the alligator season starting for Keith Major and David LaGrange.

Throughout the season viewers have seen Andy and Kim competing to take home a prize of $3,000, Rays trap getting destroyed on the Delaware River, a showdown with the alligator hunters, someone stealing the eels that Ray had caught and the mushroom hunters getting an order worth $500.

The season came to an end on June 24 2015 when winter was approaching and the eel weir of Ray was almost shut down. Cliff had to deal with the rain while getting the biggest job of the season and the alligator trappers got a bonus but they had to take a desk jockey out with them to get a monster alligator.

So is there going to be a season 3 and if so when can we expect to see it?

What’s In Store?

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#FilthyRiches has enjoyed stable viewership throughout its two seasons and the show has received some very positive reviews, so we can’t see why there shouldn’t be a seasonĀ 3 coming our way.

However at the moment there hasn’t been any confirmation of a season 3 by the National Geographic Channel. If you would like to keep up to date with news about the series and be among the first to find out if and when season 3 arrives you can sign up for notifications and it takes just one single click.

What Are The Top 3 Outstanding Episodes?

There have been many superb episodes of Filthy Rich but some episodes have stood out among others.

Season 1 episode 6 was among the best when the bloodworm hunters wanted to prove that they could collect the best worms and the mushroom hunters went into the forest to try and get a new order filled. The burlers also had issues when they had to find a way to remove 300 pounds of burl after their six-wheeler failed them.

Season 1 episode 7 was one of the most outstanding when eel fishermen found themselves having a hard time to keep up with the demand for smoked eels and the bloodworm hunters had to venture into a new spot where the conditions were dangerous.

Season 2 episode 3 was another of the favorites when Jim and Andy gave up worm digging and went diving, Ray found that someone was stealing the eels and Chris was looking for some

very valuable mushrooms.

Choices for Watching Again

If you have missed any episodes of FR you will be happy to hear that you can get seasons on DVD.

Have you been a fan of #FR since it first aired? Are you hoping that season 3 is just around the corner? Give us your thoughts on the TV series in the comments section and don’t forget that you can take out subscriptions for reminders about upcoming episodes and seasons.

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mike sumner
mike sumner
2 months 20 days ago

Filthy Riches is one of my favorite reality shows! I especially like the episodes featuring the mushroom and ginseng hunters, and Ray, the eel man Turner! He is a real cool dude!