‘Feud’ Will Add Kathy Bates To The Cast


Kathy Bates is signing on for the upcoming Feud, which makes sense considering she is a Ryan Murphy Repertory Company member. Keeping it all in the family, she will be a wonderful addition to the cast.

The FX anthology Feud will be released in 2017, with the first season covering a lot of drama. In the first season, it will be about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis while they were working on What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

This is a new kind of ‘biography’, as Feud attempts to dress down some of the biggest celebrity beefs in history. The styling isn’t like a reality show, but rather a reimagining of the situation as it occurred (with some embellishing) for all involved. Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange will play Davis and Crawford respectively, and there really couldn’t be anyone better for the parts.

Bates will come in as Joan Blondell, a confidant and close friend to Davis. Blondell was a heavy hitter in Hollywood, taking on a good 50 years with her talents. During those years, she appeared in almost 100 films, and is considered one of the hardest working actresses of all time. Also in the cast will be Sarah Paulson, Stanley Tucci, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Judy Davis, Dominic Burgess and Alfred Molina.

What makes Feud so watchable is that they are picking big name actors and actresses to play older big names. The future of the show will hinge on what direction it takes with the feuds, meaning that it won’t be complete unless it keeps taking on the more high profile feuds of our time. With that in mind, how many actresses were there that really didn’t get along?

What is the greatest Hollywood feud of all time? Will the series keep things steady or will the writers get a little crazy with the drama?

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