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No decision has been made as yet regarding the further production of Farmhouse Rules Season 8

Release Date of #FarmhouseRules S8: To be announced

Farmhouse RULES!!

Nancy Fuller is a super-host and a very busy woman. She is not only the co-owner of Ginsberg’s Foods and the host of Farmhouse Rules, but she is also a guest judge on several other cooking and baking shows. A mother of 6, and grandmother of 13, she has always had her hands full both in and out of the kitchen, and her show, #FarmhouseRules, exemplifies family life on the farm.

Nowadays, there is a local-food movement across America, trying to bring healthy and nutritious food to the table directly from the farm, cutting out the mega-supermarkets that flood today’s cities. FR offers recipes using fresh ingredients and the cooking skills needed to present delicious meals to any size family.

While most of the fare offered on the show feature ingredients from farms specific to Hudson Valley in upstate New York, what makes this cooking series unique is the simplicity and respect. Fuller wanted to show people how to cook amazing dishes with only a few ingredients and with as little work as possible, while taking viewers on field trips to the amazing farms where the ingredients are found growing naturally.

“’#FR’ has three connotations to the word rule,” she shared in an interview over the phone with the local county newspaper. “Originally, recipes were called rules; recipe is a somewhat newer word. I have an old cookbook of my grandmother’s that she penned herself and all of the recipes in the book are referred to as rules.”

The second connotation is the ‘rules’ of the dinner table, which include proper etiquette, and lack of distractions like social media and mobile devices. This doesn’t mean the classic rules of ‘sit up straight, napkin in the lap, choose the correct fork’ but rather the honor and homage paid to the food itself, the earth that delivered such bounty to the table, and the person who prepared the meal with love are the focus of dinner time etiquette.

The third connotation of ‘rules’ is the exclamatory function, as in, Farmhouse RULES!! It certainly does! And with Fuller at the helm, this show is sure to bring joy to any home cook, no matter where they are located. “If this show does nothing else, even if no one tries cooking my recipes, all I want to do is make people smile,” Fuller concluded.

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Her recipes are sure to make people smile, as all of them are easy to follow and amazingly delicious. Food Network’s official site hosts all of the recipes for the meals presented on the show (now over 300!), as well as videos and full episodes to guide cooks at home.

The show has been well received for seven seasons now, despite the low ranking on IMDb of 5.4 out of 10 with just over 50 votes cast. Viewers who post comments say they love Fuller’s personality and her amazing authentic 17th century farmhouse. Others criticize her cooking skills, stating her knife skills are not demonstrating proper technique to home viewers and may result in injuries.

Season 7 premiered on October 30, 2016, and earned a 0.13 demo rating with 0.633 million viewers. So far, there haven’t been any official announcements from Food Network or the production companies about an eighth season renewal. If viewership remains steady through the holiday episodes, there’s no reason to believe this awesome cooking show won’t return next year.

#FarmhouseRules airs on Sunday mornings at 11:30am ET on Food Network.

What do you think about Nancy Fuller as a host and chef? Have you tried any of her recipes

featured on the show? Do you feel the meals she prepares are practical for today’s busy families?

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Nadine Bush
Nadine Bush
11 months 12 days ago

I love the show and Nancy Fuller.I love the details she explains about her dishes. Love her personality and family.please put her back on tv

Odulia Tujillo
Odulia Tujillo
9 months 14 days ago

I love her show country cooking I can intified with her large famly.

8 months 9 days ago

I love Farm House Rules. I’ve tried a lot of Nancy’s dessert recipes. I can’t wait until Season 8!

Susie McDowell
Susie McDowell
7 months 11 days ago

Please bring on a Season 8 of Farmhouse Rules. Nancy’s show is great. I love the way she explains the various step and procedures she uses to make her delicious meals. I’ve made several of her desserts and a few of her main dishes. Love her show!