‘Fargo’ Season 3 Beefing Up Cast


Ever since the first season of Fargo, the show has delivered great television and was considered one of the best on the FX network. Season 2 was great but still had its share of critics compared to the first, which is why the new season 3 will be a perfect test. Fargo is an anthology series, meaning that every new season is a different story with different characters. So whatever mistakes were made from the previous season are all but gone, and fans that were thirsty for some of that season 1 magic can finally get their fix. The new season will be the best chance ever for Fargo to capture that season 1 thrill ride that catapulted it to several award wins and nominations.

They’re already off to a great start and have snagged talented actress Carrie Coon, who is currently finishing up the final season of ‘The Leftovers’. Coming from one critically acclaimed series to another won’t be a small task, but if anyone is ready to do it then she is! HBO will miss The Leftovers and her work as Nora, as she is paired up with Ewan McGregor for the new season of Fargo.

Coone will play Gloria Burgle, a divorced mom trying to find her place in a technically driven world. She is the chief of police so commands a lot of respect, but often feels out of place and overburdened with her work life and home life. McGregor will do double duty as twin brothers Emmit and Ray Stussy, with each having their own separate storyline. A premiere date of 2017 will be set for the new season, and viewers are already expecting it to be the best one yet.

What is your favorite season of Fargo up to this point? Who was your favorite character in a season?

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