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FX began airing Fargo series Three on April 19, 2017

S3 Started April 19, 2017

While FX have not officially announced a renewal of their hit TV series Fargo, with ratings maintaining their position and fans and critics pleased, there is every reason to believe that this crime comedy drama will return for a third season.

The premiere episode of Season 2 attracted 1.59 million viewers, and has averaged an even 1.23 million viewers for Season 2 so far. Season 1 earned an average of 1.89 million viewers, so the drop in viewers from season 1 to 2 (which is almost always inevitable) was not considerable. While it may not be the highest rating earner on television, the viewers and critics that the series has attracted are very loyal, even to the point where the show might gain cult status, which is a good indicator of the show’s renewal. FX clearly understands that while not everyone will appreciate #Fargo’s dark yet quirky sense of humor, those that do will relish it and their certain devotion towards a third, fourth and even fifth season is the factor that will surely see this series renewed.

Series creator, Noah Hawley has joked that the third season will take place in the future, in a space station in the year 2555. Season 1 revolved around Molly Solverson, a young State Police Officer in @Fargo, Minnesota. The second season travels back to 1979, where young State Police Officer Lou Solverson (a relation of Molly’s) investigates a murder in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Luverne, Minnesota. Hawley has stated that the third season will however, not involve one of the Solverson family members.

#Fargo is loosely based on the Coen brothers’ film of 1996, which won the Oscar that year for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen as well as Best Actress in a Leading Role for Frances McDormand, who played Marge Gunderson, a pregnant State Police Officer working in @Fargo, Minnesota. As the film is well known, when the series of the same name first aired, viewers expected it to be based on the movie. But the first few episodes proved otherwise, then later in the season it was revealed that the series is connected to the film after all.

In the second season, there are many literal connections to the previous season. ”I feel like there will always be some connect, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be pivotal. It can be tangential, and but that’s as far as I’ve really thought about it.” Comments Hawley.

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The show has definitely gained the respect of critics, one reviewer recently claimed: “It’s atypical in the television industry for a show born of a larger creative trend to surpass the trend’s flashpoint, but with the new season, Fargo puts itself head and shoulders above its anthology peers.”

Other critics, almost always giving Fargo two thumbs up, have remarked that Season 2 is one of the better dramas of a year filled with a high standard of excellent TV dramas.

What Hawley has done so expertly is to keep the original tone of the film (which is distinct in its idiosyncrasies) in his writing and depiction of the Fargo limited series. This could not have been easy to do, especially considering that the creators of the film, the Coen brothers, are known for their unique vision and

storytelling, which includes some of the most inventive characters in film. Hawley has not only honored the Coens in his depiction of a world concocted from their own imaginations, but has succeeded in creating characters and goings on that fit seamlessly into this very specific world.

Have you been watching Season 2 of Fargo? Will you follow the series into a third season of eccentric characters and the odd yet engaging storytelling of this unique show?

Mark your calendars. The third installment of #Fargo premieres April 19 on @FXNetworks.

UPDATED October 28, 2016

The handsome Jim Gaffigan is set for Fargo season 3! Things get a little weirder this time around when production begins later this year, with a release set for some time in 2017. Ewan McGregor as twins? Who would want to miss that?

UPDATED September 26, 2016

Fargo welcomes new cast member Mary Elizabeth Winstead for the upcoming third season. She’ll play a parolee with a checkered past called Nikki Swango, and may very well rival Malvo from season 1 in terms of personality. If she pulls this off right, don’t be surprised to hear Winstead’s name in awards talk next year.

UPDATED September 1, 2016

Exciting news! A list actor Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting, Star Wars) will be joining the cast of Fargo for season 3. Early reports suggest that McGregor will be taking on a dual role as twins Emmit and Ray Stussy when the new season hits our screens in 2017.

UPDATED July 13, 2016

Breaking News - it looks like Fargo has a new lead for season 3 in the shape of The Leftovers' Carrie Coon. Word is that she will be taking on the role of Gloria Burgle in the upcoming season, a character that is described as a practical sort of woman who can take charge when everyone else is in panic mode. She is a newly divorced mom who also happens to be Eden Valley's police chief. Fargo is slated to return in 2017.

UPDATED December 16, 2015

UPDATED November 25, 2015

With just under half of season 2 left to go, FX have announced that there will be a third season of Fargo. This has left fans wondering where the show is heading next. So far seasons one and two have been very different, linked only by a handful of shared characters and locations. So far there has been no casting announcements for season 3, but showrunner Noah Hawley and the existing executive production team will return. Stay tuned for more informatino as it emerges.

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