‘Family Style’ Is Coming To ABC


Amy Poehler is at it again! She has a script commitment with penalty for the new show Family Style, which she will executive produce. It is a gay romantic comedy about two men from different backgrounds that find love in the unlikeliest place- a family run restaurant. Writing the series will be Claudia Lonow, who is best known for her work on the film Friends With Benefits. Lonow will join Poehler as executive producer.

Over at NBC fans are getting excited about a possible Will & Grace revival. Family Style could turn into a hit for ABC if NBC disappoints by not pulling off that revival. There are millions of fans worldwide hat loved the writing on Will & Grace and have had little to quench their sitcom thirst since. With everyone getting excited all over again, legions of fans would gladly tune into Family Style if it offered the same intelligent writing and engaging characters.

Poehler has been busy lately, with her production company Paper Kite landing multiple deals across Hollywood. She already has an untitled comedy at ABC in the works starring Carol Burnett, which looks like it will be moving forward without a problem. Poehler is also looking to get The Baby on a network, as it is under a pilot production commitment. Starring Sean William Scott, it is about the youngest baby boy in an all-female crime family.

ABC push into comedy continues, and Poehler is becoming a major player. Her friend Tina Fey is also doing a lot of producing these days, so they are both cut from the same cloth. At this rate, these two will become the most successful Saturday Night Live members in history.

Who was the most successful SNL member of all time? Could Family Style be a permanent replacement for Will & Grace?

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