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‘Falling Water’ Gets An Amazon Boost


Falling Water is a great concept series that has gotten off to a very rocky start on the USA Network. With less than half a million viewers on average, it pales in comparison to other series on the network. The show has an excellent cast and a unique storyline, so the low ratings have nothing to do with it being a bad show. A possible reason for the low ratings could be that it seems more like a Syfy show, although many could argue the same for Mr. Robot. The latest rumors of the show getting cancelled just got put to rest, and it seems a season 2 is a definite possibility.

Amazon is closing in on a deal that will give it exclusive streaming rights to the show, meaning a season 2 renewal is definitely happening. The one thing in favor of the series is that there have been no sharp declines in viewership, so it does have a bit of a following. The small fan base that seems to be dedicated to the series is perfect for a VOD service, since ratings isn’t exactly what steers the ship. It also means that if USA Networks ever decides to cancel it, then Amazon could easily pick up the show and keep running with it. This natural fit is exactly the shot in the arm the show needed, and should keep the series alive for years to come.

Falling Water isn’t the first show that Amazon has closed in on a deal with on USA Networks. Mr. Robot, Covert Affairs and Suits are all part of the growing Amazing family. With this deal in place, Falling Water becomes a direct competitor with Netflix’s Sense8- which show is better?

Will this deal guarantee the show a season 2? Do you prefer Sense8 or Falling Water?

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