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The fate of Fairy Tail Season 8 remains up in the air

Release Date of #FairyTail S8: To be announced

Fairy Tail is an anime series adapted from Hiro Mashima’s illustrated manga series of the same name. It was originally broadcast on TV Tokyo from 2009 to 2013, but was later picked back up in 2014. In 2011, Funimation licensed the first season to be dubbed and released in North America; it was also set to air on the Funimation Chanel.  Each season contains relatively complex story arcs, however in the broadest sense, the series follows the adventures of Lucy Heartfilia, an aspiring Celestial Wizard as she teams up with other wizards (such as Natsu Dragneel) who identify themselves as part of #FT, an ancient, prestigious, and famous wizard guild.

The seventh season is the most recent to air, and is composed of three arcs and was broadcast on Tokyo TV April 5th, 2014. It was also simulcast by Funimation and streamed on their website Crunchyroll. The Grand Magic Games arc made up the first twenty-seven episodes of this season, which consisted of Lucy and Natsu uncovering a treachery by the Eclipse Project during the Grand Magic Games. This arc ultimately intertwines with the Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc which tells the story of the twelve Celestial Zodiac Spirits who were turned rogue due to the dark power of the Eclipse gate. This arc eventually takes up the next 24 episodes of the season.  The final arc of the seventh season is the Tartaros arc, which shows the guild’s battle with Zeref’s demons, who have the ultimate goal of bringing their master and his dark creation (E.N.D) back to life.

The final episode of this season (broadcast on December 26th, 2015 and entitled “Tartoros Chapter Finale: Where the Power of Life Lies”) left fans wondering where the show was heading from this point.  It was dismal to see Makaroc disband the FT guild. Additionally, Lucy returns home to a note stating that Natsu and Happy are gone on a training mission for the next year, which leaves those uninitiated to the manga left drawing a blank as to where the series may go from here. Fret not fans, it is far from over. Due to the fact that the anime series was beginning to catch up to the contemporary events being described in Hiro Mashima’s manga, instead of creating six or seven filler episodes (which is the general trend), the anime producers decide to incorporate Mashima’s #FT prequel into the anime series instead.

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Written in 2014, Mashima’s #FairyTail prequel, entitled FT Zero, goes into the past to tell the story of the #FairyTail guild’s history and origins. Set one hundred and five years prior to the main Fairy Tail events, Fairy Tail Zero’s main character is Mavis Vermillion, a slave on Siruis Island who is often mistreated by the guild master and his daughter Zera. When the guild is ultimately attacked, Mavis (for some reason), saves Zera from the wreckage and offers her a chance at life. Approximately seven years later, three mysterious men (named Yuri Dreyar, Precht Gaebold and Warrod Sequen) arrive on the island in search of the powerful Sirius Jade gemstone.  During this prequel, we will also get the opportunity to encounter a young version of the Dark Wizard Zeref.

Quite frankly, Fairy Tale Zero sounds pretty awesome, but for those who are still attached to Lucy, Natsu and the original

arcs, they will be returning approximately six to seven weeks after the January premier of Zero. By that point in time, Mashima’s manga should have made enough progress for the production companies to go back and once again start catching up with the books.  For those looking to re-watch their favorite story arcs, there were 14 DVD sets of Fairy Tail released as of 2014 with many of them available for purchase online via Amazon.

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I love this show sooooooo much please come out with more then a season 8