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The Seventh season of Fairy Tail began on April 5, 2014

S7 Started April 5, 2014
The History of Fairy Tail

#FT introduces Lucy, an ambitious manga cutie with aspirations to be a powerful Celestial Wizard. To pursue her dreams, Lucy befriends Natsu, Happy, Erza, and Gray – a quartet of strong wizards who are members of the wizard guild, FT. To become one of them, the 17-year-old wizard-to-be has to train her mind, body, and soul for the magical journey ahead.

The #FairyTail guild faces challenging struggles and dangers from evil forces on almost a daily basis. Their magic, together, is strong, and each member of the wizarding guild believes, and discovers, that through love, friendship, and strength, any hardship can be overcome.

The Main Good Wizards of #FT
  • Lucy Heartfilia is a wizarding cutie with a signature look of long, blonde hair tied up in ribbons to match her outfits. After becoming a new member of the #FairyTail Guild, Lucy adorned the back of her right hand with a pink FT stamp. She consistently wears a thick belt, holding a set of Celestial Spirit keys in place. Her weapon of choice is a whip with a heart-shaped end, as she is well-versed in magic, but refuses to use her beloved Celestial Spirits for vengeance.
  • A mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, Natsu Dragneel, has distinctive spiked, pink-colored hair, tanned skin, and a scar on his neck that he hides with an oversized scarf. He wears his guild stamp below his right shoulder, honoring the Fairy Tail Guild as a loyal member, mage, and friend. His hands-on approach to battle is often his solution to violent dilemmas, but his magic comes in handy against evil force that cannot be physically apprehended.
  • Erza Scarlet is the Fairy Tail Guild master, and a member of Team Natsu – a sect of the guild where friends of Natsu Dragneel fight and learn together. With long, scarlet hair, an artificial right eye, and a voluptuous figure, Erza is easy to recognize. Her Fairy Tail Guide stamp is blue, resting on her left upper arm. A strict person who often frowns upon bad behavior, Erza is quick to anger, but quicker to apologize.
  • Gray Fullbuster is a powerful mage of Team Natsu in the Fairy Tail Guild. His dark features and spiky, black hair are distinguishing, and he brandishes a cross-shaped scar on his lower abdomen. His Fairy Tail member mark is dark blue to match his intense mood, and located on his right pectoral muscle. To symbolize his wizarding rank, after obtaining Ice Devil Slayer Magic, Gray gains a magical tattoo on his right arm.
  • Happy is a little blue Exceed – a species that bares a strong resemblance to a cat. He is a talkative, cheerful little guy, and best friend to Natsu Dragneel. His Fairy Tail Guild symbol is a dark green, stamped on his back, but often hidden by a backpack that he wears most of the time. Typical of felines, Happy loves fish, despises cats, and has eccentric outbursts.
Fairy Tail Season Info

Published as a Japanese manga in 2006, Fairy Tail was picked up for an anime television series in October 12, 2009. Broadcasting on the Funimation Channel after legally obtained rights in America in 2011, the television show follows the episodes of Hiro Mashima in the popular manga series. The Fairy Tail episodes are drawn in a traditional anime fashion, inclusive of big eyes, exaggerated expressions, colorful, exciting backgrounds, and plenty of action with visible onomatopoeia.

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In the midst of season seven, Fairy Tail broadcasts the original Japanese versions before the English dubbed versions. This means that English-dubbed versions for the Funimation Channel are still in the middle of season five, working their way through season six and season seven.

Have you watched any of the Fairy Tail episodes in Japanese? Or, do you prefer the English-dubbed versions?
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