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It was announced that Eyewitness would not return for a Second season

#Eyewitness Cancelled, No Season Two :(

This debut season of Eyewitness deals with the repercussions of sneaking off into the woods for some nookie and ending up at the wrong place at a very wrong time. Lukas and Philip meet up, do a little kissing, then get full-on front row seats to the brutal murders of four people.

Julianne Nicholson is Sheriff Helen Torrance, the foster mom of Philip (Tyler Young). She’s on the case to solve these murders, and Philip is determined not to let her find out about his secret affair with Lukas (James Paxton). While the boys try to avoid their own early deaths by the same hands they saw do the killing in the woods, the bad deed do-er, Ryan Kane (Warren Christie), will stop at nothing in his search for the eyewitnesses while throwing off the sheriff at all costs.

While there is some familiarity to this plot, the simplicity and innocence of the characters is what allows it to stand-out from the crowd. It was never meant to be a show about the crime, or the solving of the crime. It is about the people, the character relationships, and the developments surrounding a crime. In this sense, the crime itself is more of a living character that others get to play off of.

@Eyewitness was adapted for a US audience based on a series titled Øyevitne from Norway. The series was developed as an anthology, meaning this first season’s plot should wrap up within the 10-episode order. If the show is renewed for a second season, it will be a different crime and scenario altogether but still focused on the eyewitness being the center point.

This new series is not getting a lot of attention from critics yet, but those who take notice say the show may not be taking on a new subject matter, but the fact that it’s set in a small community where LGBT issues are seldom brought to light gives the plot authenticity. Nicholson’s performance is being praised as a huge winning ticket for this season, as is the intense storyline.

IMDb voters have ranked the show at 6.9 out of 10 with just over 300 votes cast so far. That’s not bad for such a new show. Viewers comments are somewhat harsh, saying that the cinematography is way too dark, even though this is a tactic used to emphasize the depressing and difficult circumstances; not every day is dismal, even when there is a crime committed.

The character relationships are what is getting noticed the most about this show. There is the advertised love interest between the two boys, but as one viewer pointed out, that is not the only relationship this show is focusing on. The fear of being outed for who they love is a plot point that some viewers are just not ready for, and they are vocal about it. As more shows offer storylines featuring anything outside of heterosexual, these opinions will change, but it will take time.

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This is a challenge that USA and the show’s creators were clearly ready for, and it may be time to allow the content of the series to speak for itself. If it were a boy and a girl out in the woods who witnessed a murder, or two girls, or an 18 year old boy and a 28 year old girl, or the preacher and someone’s wife, or any coupling considered taboo in a small town, the reaction would be similar at first – uncomfortable. That’s what makes TV shows like this one ground-breaking; not being afraid of shattering the norm.

#Eyewitness debuted on October 16, 2016, earning a demo rating of only 0.20 and a viewership of 765,000. That’s not a horrible start, considering the subject matter and the network. But the following week’s episode fell in rating to 0.15 and only 632,000 viewers returned to watch.

While USA has not made any official announcements about the potential of cancelation or renewal yet, those numbers would need to improve if the show wants to see a second season.

#Eyewitness airs on Sunday nights at 10pm ET on USA.

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