‘Encore’ Looks For Audience On CBS


Nick Lachey, Donnie Wahlberg and Doug Ellin have come together to push a new comedy over at CBS called Encore. It is about a popular boy band that reunites after 20 years being apart, with plans on taking the world by storm again.

There is a big group of talent behind the series, and even in its early stages things are looking really good. What makes the story so interesting is that Wahlberg is very familiar with the source material. In the 80’s Wahlberg was in New Kids on the Block, one of the hottest boy bands of all time. And Nick Lachey was of course a member of 98 Degrees, back when boy bands were making a comeback. Although Lachey’s band wasn’t as popular as The Backstreet Boys or N Sync, they were still respected.

It was Lachey and Wahlberg touring together that led to a lot of fresh new ideas for this television series. Back in 2013 was when most of the foundation of Encore was built up, as the two men would often talk about how much different their lives are now compared to when they were in bands.

Wahlberg has several different series that he is already taking part of or producing, including Blue Bloods, Rock This Boat and Wahlburgers. Doug Ellin will be writing the script for Encore, with a lot of input from the rest of the producers. CBS is making a pretty big decision with the series, so expect for their full support to be behind it. There is a lot of popularity with musically themed shows, and FOX shouldn’t be the only network to have all of them. Sometime next year look for CBS to roll out Encore and grab a good portion of the viewership.

How well will Encore do against Star and Empire? Will it use iTunes marketing like the other shows?

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