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A Fourth season of Drama series Empire aired on March 22, 2017

S4 Started March 22, 2017

Music industry drama Empire, the brainchild of Lee Daniels (The Butler), has entered its third season on Fox. The show is based on the regular operations of #Empire Entertainment, headed by Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard), a former drug dealer turned hip hop mogul. After being diagnosed with ALS, Lucious has to deal with the world he has crafted for himself being altered, as he tries to choose which of his three sons, Andre, Hakeem, or Jamal, will end up taking over the family business. Adding even more fuel to the fire is the return of his ex-wife Cookie (Taraji P. Henson), after being released from prison.

This latest season has been packed with drama from the start, following the explosive cliffhanger finale of the second season. Lucious, being forced to marry Anika, has to deal with his half-brother leading a federal task force to investigate him. Meanwhile, after being shot, Jamal is struggling to regain his ability to perform, and Cookie enters a relationship with Angelo, a city councilman and part of a prominent and affluent New York family.

#Empire has had a tradition of some of the biggest names in entertainment coming on in guest roles. The biggest name we know of this year is singer Mariah Carey, who will play Kitty, a singer collaborating with Jamal. Also appearing will be Taye Diggs, rapper French Montana, singer Sierra McClain, rapper Kid Cudi, and rapper Birdman. How do you think this lineup of guests compares to previous seasons?

So far, the reception for the latest season has been positive, with the first few episodes being both ratings successes and critical favorites. While critics have noted that the show constantly brings melodrama, this same trait is part of what has made it so appealing to viewers. @Empire’s successful blending of the addictive traits of soap operas as well as the excellent cast and smart usage of music has led to its success.

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In fact, @Empire may very well be one of the surprise smashes in TV of recent years, breaking rating records for its first season and becoming a proper pop culture phenomenon, both on social media, in the African-American community, and in music. While this explosive quality may have slowed down a little bit for following seasons, the strong ratings performance for the third season premiere proves that the audience is still there. Are you still one of those regular viewers, or have you found yourself falling out of favor with Empire over its run so far? With plenty of twists and turns to come, a charismatic

and captivating central cast, and a regular rotation of guest stars, there are still plenty of reasons to watch Empire, and a chance for renewal are very high.

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UPDATED January 12, 2017

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