‘Empire’ Returns To Low Ratings


What happened? FOX’s hottest show took a hit in the ratings, although fans shouldn’t be too alarmed since the same can be said across the board. All series post-election suffered major losses in viewers, most notably scripted dramas. With Empire hitting a series low, some people got a little worried since it was supposed to be a high octane return!

Even with all that said, it was the number one program of the night with the most sought after demographics. So once again, low numbers across the board for all scripted shows on television. About the only other show that can be considered competition is The Big Bang Theory, with its faithful viewers making it the number one series for years. The Big Bang Theory also has the best numbers when it comes to DVR stats, a figure that cable operators love to eat up.

Empire is still on the right track this year, with all of the worries about there being too many flashbacks long gone. The younger versions of Cookie and Lucious are brought out every now and then, but not overdone to the point where it is annoying. And the actors they chose for the parts are charming, showing a side of the two main characters that no one has seen before. Taye Diggs has been pretty good in his role as the goodie two shoes savior, but there is more to his character than the series is letting on.

There are certain things in Empire that will slowly be unfolded by season’s end, so to be at the halfway point and getting this much action is awesome! A few more episodes are left this season, so here is hoping for the best moving forward. It is still the best series on FOX, and can only go up from here.

What did you think of the last episode? Is there more to the Diggs character than they’re letting on?

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