‘Empire’ Makes A Big Reveal


After the low ratings from last week, Empire bounced back to its normal blockbuster ratings. Things are really heating up with the show, and of course there are only a few more episodes left until the midseason finale. Spoilers are ahead if you aren’t already caught up, so beware!

The hacking scandal that took over Empire turned out to be an inside job by none other than Andre Lyon. This is probably the biggest reveal on the show since Lucious’s mom was shown as alive. Something in Andre has clicked, and now he is doing underhanded things just like his father. All of this happened after his unlawful arrest, and he hasn’t been the same since. His father even called him out on it a bit, since Andre managed to get all charges dismissed by gaming the same system that tried to game him. It was a very underhanded move by a character that usually plays things straight. But it was also an awakening, one that has led him further down the rabbit hole. Andre has just been promoted to president, so what will he do with all of that power?

Speaking of his parents, what is Cookie doing? One minute she is all flirty with Angelo and the next there is a tearful breakup. But the story isn’t over yet, since he is obviously still in love with her after his naked display on live television. Empire has about 30-40 current storylines going on now, with more to be added next week. Yes, they are all exciting. But can the fans get some closure on the Leah Walker storyline? Empire is probably the best show on FOX, but it sure goes through storylines like cheap toilet paper!

What storyline would you like to see some closure on? What do you think about Andre’s dark side?

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