‘Empire’ Hires Nia Long


Some stars never age! With the success of Taye Diggs on Empire, the show is now looking to cast Nia Long in a recurring role. This is no surprise, as Empire has been pretty good with casting well versed actors and actresses for important roles.

Long will play Giuliana, a Las Vegas club queenpin. Through some shady deals here and there, she manages to make a deal with Empire. Lucious seems to catch her eye, which is pretty funny when you consider that he has been jealous of the relationship between Cookie and Angelo. Somehow she ends up feuding with Cookie even though the two women have more in common than you’d expect. More details about Guiliana’s past will reveal some really interesting plot twists.

Empire has been riding high in the ratings since coming back after the break, and then taking yet another break. With the weekly breaks the show takes, you’d think it would take a hit in the ratings. But this is FOX’s powerhouse show, the one that keeps bringing great storylines one after another. Empire has been doing a good job of staying away from the overused cliffhanger cliché that has caught on with a lot of shows. Since coming back (the first time) it is almost like a crime procedural, with several plotlines coming to a close within a single episode.

The rush with the plot is more than likely a means to an end as the writers prepare for a major season ending cliffhanger. That would be devastating for the viewers, many who had to wait a few months to see if Jamal was even coming back. This is one of the few shows that can get away with it, but with the recent writing style change it would be nice to see them stick with it until season’s end.

Do you want an Empire cliffhanger at the end of the season? How do you like the new writing style?

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