‘Emmerdale’ Hires Michael Praed


Michael Praed is turning up in the unlikeliest role of his career. The ‘Robin of Sherwood’ star is now a recurring character on Emmerdale. Praed has been a big part of several successful shows over his career like ‘Casualty’, ‘The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne’ and ‘Crown Prosecutor’. But the last time the star was seen on television was with his role as the narrator in ‘Timewatch’ which aired from 2003-2006. Almost a decade later he is now cast in one of the most beloved soaps in all of Britain, one that has been on for almost half a century. So what can Praed bring to Emmerdale?

Praed will play Frank, the father of Tracy Shankley. Viewers should expect to see Frank in a blue prison vest, customary for the role since he will be in jail. The often complex life that Frank has led up to this point has not dissolved the love his daughter Tracy, although it would be safe to say it is probably more of a loose end at this point. Tracy is about as forgiving a character as you can get on the show, but it probably has more to do with the familiar traits she shares with dear old dad.

As charming as Frank comes off, viewers shouldn’t forget that he’s in jail for a reason. There will be a huge story arc concerning him and whether he is ready to shed his old bad ways, or continue being a burden on all of those around him. His decision will have a huge effect on Tracy, so there is a chance that the fatherly side of him will win out. There is a lot of potential with the plot with Frank, and Emmerdale will be much better with him aboard.

How do you feel about the signing of the actor? Are you excited to see the new Frank plotline?

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