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Renewal of the hit series Elena of Avalor for season 2 has been confirmed

#ElenaAvalor S2 is confirmed, Release Date: To be scheduled

Elena of Avalor is an American computer animated series that premiered its first season on July 22, 2016  in the United States on the cable children’s Disney Channel. There series was created by Craig Gerber and is based on Sofia the First also created by Gerber. The talent of voices in the cast include Aimee Carrero (Young and Hungry and The Last Witch Hunter), Jenna Ortega (Iron Man 3 and Insidious: Chapter 2), Carlos Alazraqui (Happy Feet and Inside Out), Joseph Haro (Summertime and Still The King) and Keith Ferguson (The Lego Movie and Inside Out).

#ElenaAvalor follows the life of a Latina princess, Elena Castillo Flores (voiced by Carrero), and her family. The series is based in the same universe as Sofia the First, over on the Disney Channel’s sister channel Disney Junior. We join Elena on her journey, which as fate would have it, began years before we meet her.  Shuriki, an evil and vile sorceress took young Elena’s parents and her kingdom from her. As we meet Elena, she has defeated the evil vile sorceress and is about to take the throne as the kingdoms rightful heir. Like all good rulers though she needs a council of trusted and wise individuals. She receives the assistance she needs from Grandfather Tito, Grandmother Cici and the older cousin and royal advisor Chancellor Duke Esteban. Younger sister Isabel (voiced by Ortega) also helps Elena with advice along with other dear and close friends, including a spirit animal named Zuzu (voiced by Ferguson).  In order to be the best ruler that she can be, Princess Elena goes on adventure after adventure, learning as she goes the necessary traits of a good ruler—thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion–so that she can bring back what she has learned and use it for the good of Avalor. On her adventures Elena is never alone because she has her friends with her—a wizard in training Mateo (voiced by Haro) and Skylar (voiced by Alazraqui), one of three magical flying jaguars, along for the fun. Together they learn what it really means to be a good leader and compassionate ruler.

#EA shows with a meager 6.2 out of 10 on the IMDB site. This is kind of surprising as the series is based within the same universe as the mega hit Sofia the First. Fans of Sofia would gravitate to this series out of both curiosity and loyalty. Reviewers of this series may have, without even knowing it, hit upon the low ratings. Many make remark of the fact that the Disney Channel is geared at children in the demographic range of eight to twelve years old, maybe slightly older. But #ElenaAvalor seems to be produced to appeal to those of a younger age. And there in itself may be the problem. Some may feel that it would be better suited over on Disney Jr. with its counterpart and mentor Sofia the First. Also mentioned is that the series needs to delve more into the back story of Elena. There is a backstory told, and the viewer feels like they were plunked down in the middle and are kind of lost from the beginning. The one aspect that the reviewers do agree on is the beautiful artwork and animation that the series presents. But feel that younger children would appreciate the series more than teenagers, who would run the risk of getting bored eventually.

The series appears to consist of twenty four episodes, the majority of which have yet to air. If you would like to catch the current episodes then you can tune in on Fridays at 7pm on the cable children’s Disney Channel. Any of the previously aired episodes can be found for downloading or streaming over at As of this writing, there was no information available to confirm or deny a renewal or cancellation.

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Awesome news coming out of Disney HQ! We can now confirm that hit new series 'Elena of Avalor' has now officially been given the green light for a second season and production will be getting underway very soon.

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