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El Señor de los Cielos WILL return for season 5 - stay tuned to this page for updates!

#ESdlC S5 is confirmed, Release Date: To be scheduled

Returning for its fourth season, El Senor de los Cielos is a Mexican-American television show, which first premiered on April 15th, 2013 on the Telemundo network. El Senor de los Cielos follows the storyline of one of the most powerful drug dealers in the world, Aurelio Casillas, who is constantly on a journey of dodging the DEA and Mexican Law Enforcement.

In three seasons thus far, there have been 267 episodes of the show. The first season consisted of 74 episodes, the second season consisted of 84 episodes, and the third season consisted of 104 episodes. Season four premiered on March 28th, 2016. The series has already been confirmed for a fifth and sixth season.

Who are the directors of El Senor de los Cielos?

The directors of the show are Danny Gavidia, Walter Doehner, Jose Luis Garcia Agraz, and Carlos Villegas.

Who are the executive producers?

The executive producers of the show include Marcela Mejia, Martha Godoy, and Joshua Mintz.

Who is the creator of the series? 

The creator of El Senor de los Cielos is Luis Zelkowicz.

Who are the cast members of the show?

The cast members include Rafael Amaya (character Aurielo Casillas), Ximena Herrera (character Ximena Letran), Robinson Diaz (character Milton Jimenez), Raul Mendez (character Victor Casillas), Gabriel Porras (character Marco Mejia), Carmen Villalonos (character Leonoro Ballestero), Mauricio Ochmann (character Jose Maria Venegas), Fernanda Castillo(Monica Robles), Marlene Favela (character Victoria Navarez), Carmen Aub (character Rutilla Casillas), and Maritza Rodriguez (character Amparo Rojas).

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What is the premise of El Senor de los Cielos?

Lead character Aurielo Casillas doesn’t seem to have a moral compass, but has also become incredibly charming and appealing to fans despite his moral indiscretions. The fictional series glamorizes the underground drug world and follows the emotional and passion filled life of Aurielo Casillas. Aurielo’s face is his own worst enemy and he undergoes plastic surgery to fix his “imperfections”.

In season two, the masses believe that Casillas died during his plastic surgery, but it turns out that he is alive and well, more powerful and dangerous than ever. He eliminates his enemies and extends his powerful drug empire to the rest of the world.

In season three, we find Casillas being held prisoner by the Mexican Navy in a bunker. He has been held there for three long months without even seeing the light of day. He has been tortured relentlessly by the Mexican navy for the names of his drug accomplices, but does not give up their names. Casillas is much more affected by the loss of his drug empire, his family, and his lovers than he is by the physical pain that he has endured.

What can we expect to see in season four?

There are rumors that season four will spell the end for Aurielo Casillas, and many of the promos thus far have featured death in the forefront of the plot. Seasons five and six have already been renewed though, so we don’t believe the death is necessarily imminent for Mr. Casillas. Who would take over the lead role in the following seasons if he were to die in season four? Anything is possible though!


is a new character lined up for season four, Gabriel Coronel. Rumor has it that Coronel will bring some serious sex appeal to the show! We lose Chema Venegas for season four, and there are rumors that the life of Rutilla Casillas is at risk.

What do you think? Will these prominent faces be alive at the end of season four? Can the show survive without them? Do you anticipate the arrival of any new characters?

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