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The Fourth season of the Action & Adventure series El Señor de los Cielos premiered on March 28, 2016

S4 Started March 28, 2016

Telemundo’s number 1 telenovela series, El Señor de los Cielos (Lord of the Sky), will return for a fourth season.

The series follows Aurelio Casillas (Rafael Amaya), who has worked hard to make himself into one of the most notorious drug dealer around. He’s willing to be ruthless, torturing and murdering his way from the poorest of poor to being one of the richest men in the world, not to mention wanted by the DEA.

Aurelio must fight to survive after his various enemies begin to close in on him. One such enemy tries to get at Aurelio by sleeping with Aurelio’s daughter and getting her pregnant, testing Aurelio’s will power and his impulse to completely destroy Venegas for messing with Aurelio and his family. To accomplish his escape he undergoes facial reconstruction surgery to starts a new life, unfortunately he dies during the process.

After his death his plans to return and get rid of his enemies. He also wanted to expand his drug empire even further than he already had. The series is based on the life of real life Mexican drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes, who was one of the richest criminals in the world.

He died during plastic surgery performed to change his appearance, as Aurelio does in the show. The series is titled #ElSeñordelosCielos because of Fuentes large fleet of planes that he used to move his drugs. The series is at the tail end of airing the third season right now. The season ends in just two weeks.

Fans of the series have been a bit unhappy with how the series has left them hanging in recent episodes. But, there are still a few episodes left in the season for things to straighten themselves out. There has not been word yet on when the season will air, but it is likely to air at the end of April or beginning of May of 2016 as the previous 3 seasons have.

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We haven’t gotten any word on what the season will have in store for Aurelio or other characters just yet, but with the third season just finishing up, it is still a bit early to expect that information just yet. The series is the network’s top program so it is not at all surprising to see a renewal of the series before the current season is finished. Telemundo is also working with NBC on adding more Spanish programming to their channels.

This series was one of the ones discussed as it is doing very well on its home network and shows the potential that other series have for doing well on Telemundo and other Spanish focused channels. The growing Hispanic demographic has really helped series like #ESdlC out in the ratings department, resulting in a very successful lineup with a solid viewership. The high ratings for the series bode well for its remaining on the air. It is unlikely that a series with such a strong viewership would get cancelled when it could continue to bring viewers to the network. This is especially true for a smaller network like


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UPDATED January 26, 2016

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