‘Duck Dynasty’ Is Definitely Done


Duck Dynasty had already announced its cancellation after the current season, but there was hope that that decision would be overturned. Some believed the cancellation had to do with their producers being suspended due to financial inefficiencies. At the very least, the show had the option to come back annually in a special. Now even the specials are off the table since their producers Scott and Deirdre Gurney have officially been fired by ITV for fraud. And not only have they been kicked out of the company, they are also being sued.

It turns out the power couple was operating a secret production company that competed with ITV. Throughout the years they funneled resources and money into their secret company. This is bad for many reasons, but here is the summary. ITV purchased Gurney productions in 2012, along with all of its assets. The Gurneys worked sold their majority stake to ITV then went behind their backs to create the competing company Snake River Productions. There is a lot of clever financial wording and tax fraud involved afterwards, but what they did was the absolute worst thing you could possibly do to another company. Their criminal moves also put Duck Dynasty in the crosshairs when it had nothing to do with the show. Or did it?

No one is firmly coming out and saying that Duck Dynasty was cancelled due to the problems with Gurney productions. There is a good chance that it may be more to the story than what is being reported, which would explain why such a popular series is getting the axe and multiple people are not saying much. Love them or hate them, Duck Dynasty was a cultural and ratings phenomenon for many years.

Is the Gurney controversy related to the Duck Dynasty cancellation? What do you think will be the next step for A&E?

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