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Drunk History Fifth season is slated to premiere in 2017

Release Date of #DrunkHistory S5: 2017

Based off of the popular Funny or Die web series, Drunk History is currently airing its fourth season on Comedy Central. In each episode, a drunk narrator, played by a different comedian each episode along with host Derek Waters, struggles to recall a classic event from American history. While this goes on, actors enact out the story while lip-syncing the dialogue. Each 30-minute episode generally has three segments, each with a different story.

Along with Waters and a regular selection of guest stars, these actors include regulars Bennie Arthur, Tim Baltz, Mort Burke, Sarah Burns, Maria Blasucci, Craig Cackowski, Michael Cassady, Michael Coleman, Tymberlee Hill, Adam Nee, and Jeremy J. Tutson.

Guest stars for this latest season will include Ed Helms, Dave Grohl, Kat Dennings, Liev Schreiber, Alexandra Grey. Perhaps one of the most appropriate appearances will be Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, guest starring to retell the story of Alexander Hamilton. Other topics for this season will be the friendship of Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald, legendary bar fights, historical escapes, and a profile of the lives of the Roosevelts, one of the great families in American politics.

The notion of a web series making the jump to television is a bit novel, as the differences in formats and audience don’t always make for a smooth transition. However, #DH is one of the more successful attempts so far, with critics praising the novel approach to telling historical stories, an alternative to traditional documentaries that the target audience would be likely to pass over. While the style of humor isn’t for everyone, those that like the style are likely to find this hilarious, reminiscent of absurd comedies like Family Guy and South Park.

Surprisingly, many historical sources have said that for the most part, the show is historically accurate, at least to the same level of comparable History Channel documentaries. Will this be supplanting history books anytime soon? Not likely, but would-be history buffs who want to laugh while they learn will certainly have a unique offering that meets their needs.

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No word has come out yet regarding another season of #DrunkHistory, but we have to say that its chances are looking good. This is a rare example of a show not being like anything else on TV, and this uniqueness combined with the built-in audience from the web series has resulted in a solid ratings success for Comedy Central. With an unlimited supply of historical stories to draw from, we will likely see this show

for as long as the showrunners want to continue.

Episodes of DH are currently available on Comedy Central’s website, as well as iTunes and Amazon Video.

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