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ITV2 began airing Dropperz series One on November 2, 2017

S1 Started November 2, 2017

New mockumentary comedy Dropperz is poised to make its debut on November 2nd on ITV2. This show is covering a genre that is very popular in Britain but rarely featured in mainstream television: grime rap. This show chronicles a struggling grime group desperate to get their last shot at success, only for everything to go terribly wrong.

@Dropperz is made by Purple Geko Productions and features Adam Deacon, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Guz Khan, Letitia Hector & Alexis Caley as its central cast. Its executive producers are Femi Oyeniran and Victor Adebodun, and Adebodun is also direction the show alongside Ed Wiles.

The show begins with the group using the boss of their record label’s house as a background for their video, what they believe is just what they need for their possibly final bid at success. However, when their dog kills the beloved family pet rabbit, they have to both find a replacement rabbit and still complete their video, or run the risk of being dropped from their label.

In an interview, Oyenirnan, who also serves as the creative director for Purple Geko productions, mentioned that part of his company’s commitment is to try and not only create diverse scripted content, but also try and bring out some of the freshest talent out there in television. #Dropperz is a perfect example, combining the grime genre with a group of newcomer actors and BAFTA award winning actor Adam Deacon. “This project with ITV marks an exciting time for us, as we continue to grow and build on our expertise of producing authentic youth-skewed content for broadcasters and online platforms,” Femi adds.

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One thing that every showrunner, regardless of genre or channel, is looking for is a product that stands out. With grime’s popularity, this is already a good mark for @Dropperz and its chances of future success. At the same time, uniqueness can be a double-edged sword. If ITV wants this show to bring potential grime fans to their channel, they need to be sure that the content they provide has the conventions of grime groups and their music in mind. Simply taking the standard tropes of a mockumentary sitcom and slapping a grime theme on it will not be enough.

If this was to take place, not only would grime fans tune out quickly, but those who do not follow it would likely skip it for another similar styled-show. This could serve as a complete disaster, considering the show doesn’t have any major names in the cast to draw viewers in on their own merits. Ultimately, only time will tell how well this show delivers on its potential,

particularly in the eyes of the youth audience it is trying to capture.

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