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Netflix began airing DreamWorks Dragons series Four on January 8, 2016

S4 Started January 8, 2016
Training Dragons on Netflix

DreamWorks Dragons is a computer-animated television series, originally created for Cartoon Network for two seasons, but picked up by Netflix for a third season on June 26, 2015. When the series released its first official premier on Cartoon Network on September 4, 2012, it was meant to bridge the gap between How to Train Your Dragon and the 2014 sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2.

So far, #DreamWorksDragons is in the midst of the third season, and each season has been named to represent a common theme in every episode. For example, season one was Riders of Berk, season two was Defenders of Berk, and season three is Race to the Edge.

Described as a bit deeper and darker than the movies, #DD delves into the struggles and personal lives of the dragon riders. Following Hiccup as he tries to maintain civility, peace, and calm balance between Vikings and Dragons, this series includes movie character favorites, new enemies, and new dragons. It seems that there is always someone, or something, against the peaceful cohabitation that the Dragons and Vikings share.

The Dragon Riders of Berk

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is a sarcastic, quick-witted teenager who never lives up to the horrendous situations that his name suggests. In #DreamWorksDragons, he has opened, and helps to maintain, the Berk Dragon Academy, where he is the Head Dragon Trainer. He is a natural-born leader, deep-thinker, and highly intelligent fellow, with a deep love and understanding for dragons of all kinds. His loyal friend and dragon, Toothless, is never far behind.

Fierce, strong, and independent, Astrid Hofferson is the energetic girlfriend of Hiccup, and the second in-command at the Berk Dragon Academy. Like everyone in Berk, Astrid is, and was raised by, a Viking; therefore, her way of communication and showing love usually involves punching, kicking, shoving, or yelling at others. Her beloved dragon companion is Stormfly.

Snotlout Jorgenson looks like a brash bully, but he shows his true colors as a tactless, overconfident sweetheart in later episodes. His arrogances tends to land him in trouble, and he can sometimes be a little too loud and aggressive with the younger dragon riders. However, he is an integral part of the original dragon-riding team, and his friends love him for the brute he is. His equally brutish dragon is Hookfang.

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Tuffnut and Ruffnut Thorston are fraternal twins – one boy, one girl – both of equal unintelligence with a bad case of sibling rivalry. Their personalities are destructive, immature, and crude, but their friends see these traits as charming, especially for Vikings. These two are almost always arguing, but they stick together during times of danger. These two share a two-headed dragon named Barf and Belch.

The Dragons of Berk

Toothless, the mysterious Night Fury and best friend to Hiccup, is a sweet-tempered, adventurous dragon. His dark scales are accompanied by retractable teeth, and when he is in danger, he can shoot plasma bolts to create fire or light. One of the rarest dragons in Berk, Toothless is fast, intelligent, and always there for Hiccup.

Stormfly, a beautiful Deadly Nadder who developed a strong friendship with Astrid, is an extremely loyal dragon with exceptional flying skills. She and Toothless have a friendly rivalry, just like Astrid and Hiccup, and often compete in Berk Dragon Academy competitions against one another. Stormfly launches spines from her tail in combat, and she can produce magnesium-fueled bursts of fire.
Hookfang is a lot like

his master and friend, Snotlout. As a Monstrous Nightmare, he is naturally strong-willed, brutish, and a bit of a bully to other dragons. Which is the exact replica of what Snotlout would be if he were a dragon. Sure, Hookfang is loyal in Snotlout’s times of danger, but this dragon is an independent, pudgy creature who takes pride in disappearing to spite his friends.

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