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The First season of the television series Dr. Miami commenced airing on March 31, 2017

S1 Started March 31, 2017

WE TV is a television channel that has been around since the late 1990’s. Originally a channel for romance dramas, it rebranded itself as WE: Women’s Entertainment in 2001. After that, there was no changing the course. It became a depository of various types of reality television fluff aimed mostly at women. With reality shows like LA Hair about a hair salon in Los Angeles and High School Confidential about a group of high school girls, it is clear that WE is trying to cover its bases by trying out every idea that could possibly be of interest to female viewers. Success has, of yet, eluded them and they struggle to compete with higher-profile channels such as Bravo or Oxygen which, while not necessarily having better programming, may be able to afford more famous celebrities to be on their shows.

WE’s upcoming plastic surgery reality series, Dr. Miami, snugly fits the channel’s modus operandi. Sometime in 2017 (the date has not been announced concretely), we’ll get to see plastic surgeon Michael Saulzhauer’s cosmetic sculpting at work. For those who don’t know, Saulzhauer is a moderately popular internet celebrity doctor who posts extensively on social media. On a regular basis, he uses Twitter or Instagram to post before-and-after pictures of plastic surgeries he’s done or other surgeons have done.

Needless to say, it is a show which legitimizes plastic surgery and sates women’s curiosity about it. It will also probably allay some of the fears women considering such procedures will have about it. The affable-looking Dr. Saulzhauer is a good choice for hosting it as well. As the photo on his Twitter account shows, he is photogenic and seeming to have no problem posing for the media. He has proved his mettle with minor internet celebrity, coming to WE with respectable marketing assets in the form of 60,000 subscribers on Twitter, so reality television is a good next step for him and for his current fans.

This appears to be a good opportunity for WE to corner a small market. Perhaps because of its dubious morality, it does not appear that US television has embraced the concept of glorifying cosmetic surgery. Certain segments of news programs or tabloid newspapers are the exception in talking about this subject, but they more frequently scare people away with special reports on “plastic surgery gone wrong” than they encourage it. Korea has a makeover show which includes elements of plastic surgery, but it is more acceptable on that side of the ocean.

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If WE executes this program appropriately and Saulzhauer’s on-screen charm is as strong as his personality in photographs, then the program might gain a small community of adherents. In this case, a few seasons might be made. However, the demographic which would be interested is probably too narrow to carry it beyond a few seasons. As of now, there are but muffled murmurings about it online in the form of WE press releases.

While we probably won’t receive any news about a possible season 2 until after the first season airs, we’ll find out the ultimate fate of #DrMiami as soon as there

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Would you watch a show about plastic surgery? Do you think it would be of interest to people who aren’t considering plastic surgery? Do you watch the WE channel now?

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