‘Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet’ Gets A Season 3 Renewal


The loveable dr. is back in Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, as Animal Planet has renewed it for a third season. This is great news for the fans and points to possible progress in Dr. Jeff’s personal struggle with cancer. By moving forward with the show it is a sign that he is battling cancer and winning. Dr. Jeff even took time out of his personal time to post a video talking about how he’s feeling, and to everyone excitement he looks fantastic. He left nothing up to the imagination and looks like he’s more ready than anyone to get back to work.

As one of the best programs on Animal Planet, the renewal was already in the works for a while now. The only question was Dr. Jeff, as they didn’t want to move forward with the series without him. His show is important for both entertainment and educational purposes, and continues to grow an audience in the exact demographic Animal Planet aims for. It’s because of this show that Animal Planet has been a top 10 network performer on Saturday nights, something that is never easy to do. When the season 2 finale aired on July 9th, it broke network records. It also sparked talk about if and when the show would be back.

Dr. Jeff Young is the owner of Planned Pethood plus which is located in Denver, Colorado. The high volume pet clinic has access to almost 100,000 clients, and does multiple surgeries a day. With such a large staff on hand, the directors have done a wonderful job of catching their individual personalities on camera. When the show returns in early 2017 it will be one of the most anticipates premieres on the network.

Are you excited that the show is returning? What did you think about Dr. Jeff’s video message?

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