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Doctor Foster: Season 2 Approaches


As the saying goes ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” The limited series Doctor Foster: A Woman Scorned, certainly adheres to this theory, as it presents a tense and thrilling psychological drama featuring a female doctor who is convinced that her husband is playing away from home. The British show (which first premiered on BBC1 UK on September 9th 2015) was broadcast on April 10th 2016 on Lifetime, consisting of three, two-hour episodes each Sunday and was directed by Laurence Olivier Award winning writer Michael Bartlett.

The plot of the series is simple, yet raw and tense. Gemma Foster (Suranne Jones) as a doting mother and wife, who has everything that she ever wanted from life. Her perfect world comes crashing down around her when a series of events lead her to believe that her caring husband is actually a love-rat, who is having an affair. As the episodes progress, darker and more disturbing secrets are revealed, as Doctor Foster starts to tug at the thread of her life, unravelling the web of deceit and lies that had been weaved around her and those she cares about. To say much more would be a disservice to the fantastic mysteries that lie at the heart of the show – certainly it is one to go into clueless, and just enjoy as it all unfolds.

Although the premise of the show is certainly one that sounds appealing to the masses, many a good series has had its life cut short because it couldn’t connect with audiences. So then, how well exactly did the first season of Doctor Foster: A Woman Scorned, do with Lifetime Viewers? Unfortunately there is no way to tell, because as is often the case, Lifetime studio heads have decided to keep their cards close to their chest and not reveal any viewership numbers. Instead, we have to turn to the BBC who were proud to reveal that the series peaked at a total viewership of over 10 million in the UK, with an average per episode of 8.2 million, as well as receiving rave reviews, including a healthy 7.9 on IMDB, and 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon Instant Video from over 200 reviews. Popular newspaper The Telegraph also gave the show 4 out of 5, saying that it was “deeply compelling to the end.” It is of little surprise then that the show has been renewed in the UK for a second season, set to air later this year. Now, whilst all is looking rosy for the show, it is specifically feedback from the UK, and the US is an entirely different country with different tastes. The good news is that British dramas tend to fare exceptionally well with American audiences (here’s looking at you Downton Abbey), and the second season is already been created elsewhere without needing Lifetime bankrolling it, meaning all they need to do is secure the rights to air it on their channel in 2017. Therefore, it would seem almost guaranteed that we can expect Doctor Foster and her dangerous world to return in the coming months.

The show definitely seems like one where you’d been to be clued up on previous events before you sat down to watch the second season. With that in mind, you can get the first season of Doctor Foster: A Woman Scorned (without the subtitle for non-American versions) on Blur-ay and DVD from UK sites like Zoom or HMV, with the former averaging a cost of around £18.99 and the latter £9.99. If you aren’t in the UK or don’t want to pay postage costs, then you can set yourself up a UK Amazon account and watch the series via their Instant Video streaming service. Each episode will cost you £2.49, or £10.49 for all six episodes. You may also be able to catch reruns of the first season on Lifetime’s channel, which is Sky: 156, Virgin: 208/209, BT: 329, or TalkTalk: 329, although there appears to be no set times when it airs.

Did you watch the first season and enjoy it? What sinister events might crop up in season 2? Do you think that the series deserved to air in the US, or should it have stuck with its big following across the pond? As always we want to hear what you have to say about the shows we feature, so feel free to pop your thoughts and musings down in the comments section below, and connect with other readers. Plus if you want to know instantly whether your favourite shows will be around to binge on next season then just click the subscribe button! You’ll receive news and updates on whether your selected television shows have been renewed or cancelled, and you’ll receive an automatic email when the exact release date for the second season of Doctor Foster: A Woman Scorned when it is officially announced.

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