Disney to Premiere ‘The Lion King’ Revival in January


Disney have announced that they will be premièring a ‘The Lion King’ revival television show  and the air date has been set for 9.30am on January 15, 2016. Disney’s The Lion Guard follows on from the short TV movie from earlier this year called ‘The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar’ which brought in some amazing ratings prompting an entire television series.

The Lion Guard will follow the adventures of Kion, who is the second born of Simba (Rob Lowe) and Nala (Gabrielle Union) and his misfit group of friends each of whim have a unique skill that they can use to help contribute to protecting the pride lands. Recurring cat members that have already been announced include Blair Underwood (Marvel’s Agents of Shield) in the role of Makuu – leader of the crocodiles and the show’s key villain! Also starring will be Ana Gasteyer (The Goldbergs) ad a clever and scheming Jackal who is called Reirei who also poses a threat to the pride lands. Maia Mitchell (Teen Beach Movie) will voice the friendly hyena Jasiri who is all set to help fend off the rest of her kind. Apparently Jason Marsden, Andy Dick and Lacey Chaber will also return to voice characters they played in the 1998 movie ‘The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride’.

The new series is set to air on both The Disney Channel and Disney Junior and should prove to be a huge success! It has taken four years to bring it to fruition and NAncy Kanter of Disney Junior worldwide commented that, “We were really trying to make sure, from a production value, that we could get as close to the feel of the movie as we possibly can. I think people will be sort of amazed at just how beautiful it really looks,” she said.  “Some of the artists on the series have in fact worked on the original movies.”

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