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Disney Channel Orders New Comedy Pilot


The Disney Channel has just given the go ahead for a pilot of a single camera comedy from Terri Minsky. Terri is behind the channel’s first big original series Lizzie McGuire.

The new comedy has yet to be titled, but it will be produced by Minsky and Michelle Manning (Adventures in Babysitting) and will star a relative newcomer – Peyton Elizabeth Lee. Like many of the young actresses that the Disney Channel uses she has only a handful of prior credits to her name.

The series will follow Andi Marcus (Lee) as she approaches her 13th birthday. She is keen to indulge in the teenage fun she has heard so much about, but with an incredibly strict mother hell bent on making sure Andi does not end up like her older sister Bex who dropped out of school and left home in her teens. Bex comes home and claims she is now ready to get her life together, but in the process she turns Andi’s life upside down.

Production is set to begin early in 2016. The Disney Channel are following the same trend as many other networks to make the switch from multi-camera to single camera shows despite having built up their brand on the former. Aside from this new project, the network also ordered their first single camera comedy since Jonas in 2009 – the upcoming ‘Stuck In The Middle’.

Aside from the successful Lizzie McGuire, Minsky is also behind ABC shows ‘Less Than Perfect’ and ‘The Geena Davis Show’. Most recently she developed ‘Finding Carter’ for MTV.¬†Peyton Elizabeth Lee has had minor appearances in episodes of Shameless and Scandal, but will be hoping that Disney can shoot her to stardom the same way that Lizzie McGuire did for Hillary Duff!

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