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Netflix announced they've given a series order to Disjointed

Release Date of #Disjointed S1: To be announced

Entertainment executives probably see Chuck Lorre as a man with the Midas touch. The Big Bang Theory alone is an impressive enough portfolio, given the originality of its setting on mainstream television and its wild success. Add to that other big players on the network sitcom roster, such as Two and a Half Men and Dharma and Greg, and backing Lorre’s endeavors practically becomes an investment without risk. It seems that Chuck can do no wrong.

Like The Big Bang Theory, Lorre’s latest project, Disjointed, has appropriate timing, which will probably increase its chances of success. The Big Bang Theory was released at a point when the hobbies which had once fallen only in the scope of the geek community’s interests were being legitimized as acceptable by popular culture. Comic book movies and fantasy television series’ were becoming entrenched in broad youth culture and the masses proudly wore Pikachu t-shirts or thick-rimmed glasses and broadcast their willingness to martyr themselves for the geek cause by exposing their hobbies to the world. Yet for decades, the pioneers of this subculture who had been indulging in Nintendo and Star Trek for decades at the fringes of society had been ignored. Lorre gave the world a glimpse into the core of this tribe at the moment where outsiders were most apt to be interested in such a display.

#Disjointed is attempting to sow the popular seeds, appearing on the precipice of the change in global attitudes toward marijuana. The drug has just been legalized in California, one of the world’s foremost economies and cultural centers, foreshadowing the end of a long and controversial history of prohibition. While the moment is propitious for the release of the show, this time it hardly gets a fallow field. There are already successful shows dealing with the subject matter out there. There is the experimental drama High Maintenance. There is also the dark comedy Weeds, which is the Showtime channel’s greatest hit.

Kathy Bates of Stephen King’s Misery fame will be at the helm of the cast here as the owner of a marijuana selling operation. She’ll have a few younger cast-mates as well. Apparently, the producers intend to make this a stoner comedy, as they’ve already gone to pains to state in their press release that all the characters who work at the shop will be frequently high. While some have postulated that this is The Big Bang Theory on marijuana due to Chuck Lorre’s involvement, the setup of this show is different from Big Bang that the two probably won’t be all that similar.

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#Disjointed is going straight to Netflix for season 1 and it has already been approved for a fairly extravagant 20 episodes. It looks like the producers are expecting another mega hit with this one.

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