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‘Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency’ Is For Real!


BBC America is bringing another great show to the world, and this time it will be led by Elijah Wood and Samuel Barnett. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency will premiere October 22nd, and after introducing the specifics of the show during Comic-Con, things got a little crazy!

The show is about an eccentric detective and his friends that investigate supernatural phenomenon and all of the mysteries. They take on cases that no one else would consider, even if it means putting themselves in impossible positions. It is based off of the 1987 novel by Douglas Adams, and each case is expected to be something truly spectacular.

The show is very much an ensemble cast, and will feature the talents of Hannah Marks and Jade Eshete. Other minor parts that will assuredly be favorites are from Dustin Mulligan, Aaron Douglas, Neil Brown Jr., Mpho Koaho, Fiona Dourif, Michael Eklund, Miquel Sandoval and Richard Schiff. With only 8 episodes to air, having such a large and delightful cast will be fantastic to watch.

Woods will play Todd, a man who gets involved with detective Dirk Gently after the murder of a millionaire. The two are like magnets to each other as they realize they are the only ones that can solve one of the strangest murders in years. It looks like the series will focus on this one case, which is why the cast is so large. Each episode will introduce new clues and bring them closer to the truth about the murder, and in some cases closer than they want to be! The charm in the show is with the offbeat comedy, as it’s destined to be a hit the moment it premieres.

Are you a fan of any of the previously published books? How do you feel about the casting decisions so far?

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