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No decision has been made as to when production of Dinner Spinner Presented by Allrecipies Season 2 will resume

Release Date of #DSPA S2: To be announced

Allrecipes is the most powerful cooking website on the internet, featuring a social media interface. Professional and amateur recipes are featured on the website, with the primary purpose of creating an internet repository of such instructions for new and creative meals. As for the social component, people can make or break a would-be chef’s internet reputation by giving a star rating to each recipe. As with any social media platform, it is also possible for people to follow the activities of users they like and to band together in groups. The website is available on many platforms, with its popular app being called the Dinner Spinner on the iPhone marketplace.

Earlier this year, the website decided to extend its tendrils from the icy reaches of the internet and dip them into the pie of television programming. In order to let people know of their internet roots, they also decided to brand the show aggressively, naming it Dinner Spinner Presented by Allrecipes, leaving no doubt as to the website or the app which are linked to the production.

Just launched in October 1st of this year, the format is a casual cooking show much like the bread and butter of the programs on Food Network. It is set in a sterile-looking kitchen with frosted windows and white walls. Mildly enthusiastic demi-celebrity chef Gabe Kennedy will be hosting. But lest you think that this is your grandmothers’ cooking show, be forewarned that there is a very hard competitive edge to the show. Three judges come into the kitchen to give their opinions on the quality of the dishes. Electrifying.

Against expectation, the app doesn’t come to the trendy frontiers of Netflix, Amazon Prime, or even Twitch, but to the vanilla coast of broadcast television, the CW. It airs during the network’s “One Magnificent Morning” time block early on Saturdays and it is said to be targeted towards “teens and their families.” It is certainly wholesome enough to be family viewing, but the timeslot is one that caters to very casual, bored viewers. It is yet too early in the show’s run to tell if the CW research division has done its homework and determined that there is a Saturday-morning market among teens and their families for mildly competitive cooking shows.

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Due to its timeslot and its nature, the show isn’t going to break any viewing records, but this is a targeted effort that might pay off for the CW. Allrecipes was bought by Meredith Corporation, a female-oriented media conglomerate which proudly states that they serve “102 million of the nation’s women.” The time block seems like a spirited attempt to appeal to a young female audience. Pet-related shows, such as Cesar Milan’s The Dog Whisperer as well as a show about dream vacations also appear on their Saturday morning lineup. Perhaps it can enjoy success with this demographic and survive.

As of yet, Dinner Spinner hasn’t developed any following. It has no page to its name on IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes, and not even much promotional material on YouTube aside from a short trailer showcasing Gabe Kennedy’s acting talents and some of the food viewers can look forward to imagining they are eating. However, when more news in available, we’ll be reminding people of this show’s status. Sign up for

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What do you think of this cooking show if you have seen the first few episodes? Have you learned to cook any new dishes as a result of watching the program? Do you think Saturday morning is a good time to air it? Leave us your opinions down below.

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