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Did ‘The Originals’ Surpass Their Sister Show?


The Originals is a great spinoff of ‘The Vampire Diaries’, and in many ways has proven to be the better show. Heading into its 4th season in 2017, the show has only scratched the surface of what it means to create the modern day horror story about vampires. For reference, The Originals is rated higher with several critics and television stats, and has surpassed The Vampire Diaries in ratings with key demographics.

The two shows are still tied closely together, with ever evolving storylines that move each of their plots along. With the air date of 2017 being an actual push from their original one, this delay gives writers time to beef up the story in Vampire Diaries which has been lagging. Executive producer Julie Plec is pleased with the small delay, which makes sense with The Vampire Diaries premiering its 8th season on October 21st. One can only hope that they don’t continue to mix the two this much, as The Originals has clearly become the superior show.

  1. The show moves at a much crisper pace than the older Vampire Diaries, which has recycled various plotlines over the course of its 8 seasons. So when a bad idea is introduced in TO, it goes away just as fast as it came.
  2. Characters in TO are mature and less moody than those in TVD. Pay close attention to the character arc of Elena from season to season, and notice that it has a very Twilight-esque tone. Hayley Marshall from TO is everything Elena should have been and more, which is why fans are clamoring for more of her in the series.
  3. TO made the best use of Klaus and Freya, two of the most complicated vampires in the series history.

Longtime fans may find themselves locked into TVD, but many have moved on to TO with hopes that others will follow.

Which one of the shows do you consider better? Who has the best characters?

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