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Did ‘Mr. Robot’ Deliver In Season 2?


Ever since the media blitz that was the follow-up to season 2 stopped, Mr. Robot has been hailed as the greatest show since Game of Thrones. The truth is anyone that watched season 1 could make that argument, as it was USA’s finest moment. A network that once had the unstoppable Psyche and Monk now had the thriller of a lifetime and was nursing it to become the flagship show. Season 2 was a bit different in comparison to the blockbuster freshman season, and has left some fans confused. Everyone is divided between love it, hated it or could’ve been better. Then there is also the ‘invested so I will see it to the end’ group.

The love it group is all about the characters, as there was more development on Mr. Robot this season than ever before. Plotlines that were thought to be another season off until conclusion were wrapped up nicely on or before the finale. Creator Sam Esmail gave fans just enough this season to keep them coming back for more.

With the hate it group, they are comparing everything with the new season to the first. That is a huge problem, and the producers even addressed a change in pacing before it happened. There is no doubt differences in how the story is being told, but producers found it necessary if they were going to go deep into the background stories.

And the last group is the hardest to please, since ‘the could’ve been better’ crowd believes that Mr. Robot is all about a singular goal. If the show has been clear about anything, then that would be it-the goal will always be misdirection, as they keep fans thrilled between one episode and the next. Yes, season 2 had lower ratings. And no it wasn’t a letdown, as it set everything up for the next year!

Did Mr. Robot underachieve? What should they have done different to please the fans?

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