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Did ‘MacGyver’ Deliver?


Very few people will admit their true feelings about the rebooted MacGyver series, in part from loyalty to the original program and also due to a high cancellation possibility. MacGyver isn’t one of those shows you get invested in without a conclusion, so many are waiting it out for a season or two.

Fears of mediocrity can now be dismissed as the new MacGyver premiered to an 11 year audience high, and all tied to a very difficult Friday time slot. With 10.9 million viewers there is no doubt that the show put out its best effort, but can it sustain it? The last long running show to make use of the same slot was The Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s best offering since Party of Five. Her show dominated that slot, and even when things got weird in the plot it managed to hold on to a respectable amount of viewers.

Friday has become reboot television for CBS, and MacGyver may have been helped in the ratings by being in the same block as the rebooted Hawaii Five-0. They did similar in the same demo for that night and is one of the better long running series on the network. By comparison, FOX’s The Exorcist got crushed in the same timeslot and becomes the least watched premiere for the fall season.

So what does this mean for MacGyver fans? Absolutely nothing in the long term. It’s great news that the show came firing out of the gate, but premiere numbers are never a good indicator of what the series will level out to. CBS is working with a theme on Friday’s, and so far it has worked. If they get four seasons minimum in the bag then they have already proven people wrong.

What did you think of the premiere? Will the show make it past the second season?

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