Did Holly Hagan Quit ‘Geordie Shore’?


In news that will surely send the stock market crashing, Holly Hagan may have quit Geordie Shore. The show, which has been on since 2011, is the UK version of ‘Jersey Shore’. Strangely enough, Geordie Shore has its highs, and can be an entertaining afternoon watch. The show very much made Holly Hagan as famous as she is, so for her to leave is a really drastic decision. She will instantly have other media and reality show opportunities just based on her name alone, but chances are she won’t take any of them.

Hagan has said she wants to live a normal life away from the spotlight, with career goals of focusing on her fitness brand. This isn’t a surprising decision for anyone who watches the show, as Hagan has always been more than her looks. She is the most gorgeous woman on the show, but also the most grounded. As a 24 year old young woman that can use her name to build her brand, business opportunities await if she is smart. She has some money in the bank, and can even take a break and start a family if she wants.

The celebrity thing to do would be to walk away from it all, have a family and then come back with a reality show with your entire family in it. Hopefully Hagan is bigger than that, and is really considering living a normal life. She’s been with the show since the beginning, and the last thing you want is to be identified permanently as Geordie Shore. It’s the same thing that happened to the Jersey Shore actors, and they haven’t really gone on to anything significant since.

Do you think Holly Hagan is really quitting or is it a ratings grab? Who should replace her on the show if she leaves?

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