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Travel Channel has yet to announce the fate of Deadly Possessions Season 2

Release Date of #DeadlyPossessions S2: To be announced

Everyone remembers the classic Simpsons episode, ‘Treehouse of Horror II’ where a curse placed on a monkey’s paw was thrust on to the family by Homer’s willingness to buy haunted items from sketchy, exotic salesmen. Well, if the idea of haunted items is at all frightening, intriguing or exciting to you then look no further than Deadly Possessions on the Travel Channel, a 2016 debutant for the network.

Previously hosting the show Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagan is a paranormal expert who has made a career out of investigating and collecting haunted items and incidents of haunting. This series is less adrenaline-pumping than his previous might have been, without the investigation into the haunting scenes themselves. No calling out the dark spirits in this show.

There will be, however, a calm and collected investigation into possessions that have been alleged to be the cause of mental illness, terrible misfortune, countless accidents and all things generally undesirable.

The format is as follows. A person owning a haunted object comes forward to Zak. He tells his story to the viewer, detailing the items history, contents, description and the reason they believe it is haunted. Then, he brings the item to Zak, and they go over its history and haunting details again, this time with Zak asking more questions and pushing the guest for answers they might not have divulged in their initial opening statements.

Zak says none of it is planned and he knows the bare minimum about who or what is coming in through the door for each episode.

The first episode of the first season, which aired earlier this year in Spring, saw the Dyybuk box introduced. A box attested by Jewish culture to contain the spirits of the deceased who have died unsatisfied, a Dybbuk; a spirit that needs to possess a person in order to carry out their final wishes. This needn’t always be something sinister, but it is always something significant enough to cause the arising of a Dybbuk.

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The second episode saw the conjure chest brought to the show. A chest crafted by a slave for their owner, that contained a horrible secret. Also, the bricks from the 1929 St Valentines Massacre that are attested to have been cursed by the event. Peggy the Doll made an entrance in the third, a toy that has reportedly caused illness to over 80 people.

The common theme is the items causing mental or physical illness, injury or even death to those who have interacted with the item, or even having just been around it have felt its effects. The tension is brilliantly built through the show’s use of cinematography, narration and music. The items are placed in Zak’s museum where they observed throughout the night, and things go as unexpected as would be expected from this sort of show.

Are you a believer in the paranormal and the supernatural? What do you think of shows like #DP? I am personally on the fence but the shows are certainly interesting and very believable. Nothing cheesy in this at all, and none of the silly camera tricks or sleight of hands seen in some paranormal investigation shows that try and feign incidents.

We’re hoping Travel Channel renew

this for a second season. The first only finished recently this summer, so there is still plenty time for an announcement for a new season. What are you most looking forward to from a second season of #DeadlyPossessions, and what did you most like about the first season?

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6 months 28 days ago

Do not renew, these guys are drowning in so much money after watching one episode there were so many pieces that seemed scripted. Sad.