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No decision has been made as yet regarding the further production of Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove Season 2

Release Date of #DCDC S2: To be announced

Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove premiered September 13, 2016, as the first spin-off of the iconic Discovery Channel series. Produced by the same team that developed Deadliest Catch, the cameras, and crews of Original Productions descended on Newport, Oregon to depict all the beauty of the town, and its surrounding seas, which are home to the most deadly Dungeness crabbing conditions in the world.

In these waters, pays big to have the fastest vessel, the best locations, and the savviest crew with such a dangerous daily grind. Only the best can navigate the labyrinth of risky currents and sandbars, and yet even the best have fallen captive to the violent waves.

The people of Newport are proud of their fishing heritage despite having survived the loss of their loved ones on too many occasions. With family members falling to the depths of the treacherously infamous ‘Graveyard of the Pacific’ every crab season, they continuously show their undying support for the crews that risk it all.

This crab-rich area of the Pacific Ocean, which spans Oregon north to British Columbia, beckons these brave crews each year to troll for the lucrative sea-bugs, and with so much at stake, this series is sure to capture their audience. #DeadliestCatchDungeonCove will join the fishermen and their families in what is sure to be a grippingly epic series.

The show received a warm local welcoming as those in the Oregon coastal towns tuned-in to see their beloved coastline and cheer the Newport fishermen on. They know first hand how seriously deadly this bountiful and picturesque part of America can be.

Already within the first few episodes, captains have shared their gut-wrenching tales about close encounters with the deep, dark waters. Gary Ripka shared how he almost died while on a fishing excursion. He recalled, “I’ve been on a boat where [the storm] blew the windows out, and I got rushed out of the wheelhouse and I almost died. The guy that saved me – he saved me from getting rushed over the rail – he was killed four years later,” he said. “Him and his whole crew, boat and everybody – they lost everybody. A very close friend of my family.”

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Though Ripka was lucky enough to live, in an episode this season, three men were in danger as their boat went down in a growing storm. The coastguard put an alert out and they ask all mariners to keep an eye out for them and to report any sightings. Tragically, their lives were lost to the sea. The coast guard was able to recover one of the bodies but called off the search for the other two; a sad reminder to everyone in this tight-knit fishing community about the perils of their livelihood.

The show debuted with a 0.47 demo rating that dropped 0.18 to land at 0.29 for the following two weeks. It seems to be holding steady and based on the esteem of its parent show, Deadliest Catch, this spin-off is likely to catch the attention of viewers and quickly grow to be another top-rated Discovery Channel series. Stay tuned to find out if there will be a second season on the


DCDC airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Discovery Channel.

Have you been a fan of Deadliest Catch since it first aired? Will this first spin-off have you on the edge of your seat? Do you enjoy the suspense and drama that the series offers?

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