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ITV has announced that they have canceled their Crime series DCI Banks...

#DCIBanks Cancelled, No Season Six :(

DCI Banks is a British crime drama starring Stephen Tompkinson that is currently enjoying its fifth series this year. Set in the present day, series main character Inspector Alan Banks investigates crimes with the aid of a duo of junior team members, Helen Morton (Caroline Catz) and Annie Cabbot (Andrea Lowe) and a deep cast of other supporting team members. In contrast to many edgy murder-mysteries on the air today, our inspector hero is a warm and sincere man with this team, treating them with an almost fatherly care. Taking place in the fictional English town of Eastvale, the Inspector has dealt with such threats as murder, kidnapping, and the evasive terror of Peeping Toms.

The latest series, series 5, ends with Banks taking on a seemingly untouchable adversary against the better advice of his superiors. The Inspector’s drive to see justice done pushes him to the brink, and begins to threaten not only his career but also his personal life. Meanwhile his two assistants find themselves up against their own set of difficulties: Helen as she pursues a promotion within the department, and Annie as she continues to push her own brand of police work by trusting her own gut instincts.

#DCIBanks is based on an acclaimed series of novels by British crime author Peter Robinson, featuring a series of crimes following Inspector Banks during his time in both London and Eastvale. The first book in this series premiered in 1987 and has continued to the present day. Each series is adapted from three novels, with two episodes dedicated to adapting each book. With over twenty books in the series in addition to a number of short stories, there is no lack of source material for future series to draw on.

The series can be found on ITV in its native country, and is carried on many US public television stations. Given the extremely consistent performance from both cast and crew of this show, future seasons will likely not feature many significant shake-ups in production. The cast for series 5 featured such new faces as Vince (Samuel Anderson), a new member of Bank’s team, Chief Superintendent Colin Anderson (Shaun Dingwall), and career criminal Steve Richards (Shaun Dooley) alongside his wife Tamsin (Maimie McCoy).

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The latest series is set to end with an incredible twist that leaves the characters’ worlds turned upside down, leaving fans praying for more. #DCIB has had five successful series, one premiering every year since 2010. Series 5 has enjoying acclaim from both fans and critics, and ratings appear to be

high both in its native country and other English-speaking nations around the world, making this series a safe bet for renewal.

With the game-changing events of the latest series, do you think the characters can ever return to the old status quo? Will Inspector Bank’s bold gambit pay off.

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Why and how? DCI Banks just got cancelled after five years, and ITV has no explanations! Fans are not taking this one sitting down, and have voiced their displeasure with the decision. How do you feel?

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Rev Stan Davis
Rev Stan Davis
8 months 20 days ago

We are just finishing seeing DCI Banks total episodes evev tho we have seen a few out of sequence. We are so sorry to learn the series has been cancelled as it was excellent. We hope you reconsider your decision and bring this quality show back.
We in the Colneed someone of Banks values kept in front of us at this time of our leadership with the very wrong set!
Rev Stan Davis, Oak Park, Illinois