David Berry To Join ‘Outlander’


In the upcoming third season of Outlander, fans will get to watch David Berry play Lord John William Grey. With so many shifts in time periods with the show it can be hard to keep up, but his particular storyline should slow things down a bit- and that is a good thing.

Lord John William Grey is an upper class Brit that is handsome on the outside yet has many skeletons in his closet. A past scandal in his life would not go away and led to him being forced into the role as governor of a prison in Scotland. It’s a far cry from the glamourous family background he grew up with, and works directly into the Galbadon’s Voyager series in the books. There is no word on how much they will pull from the pages, although it will go the distance with major plot points. With season 4 expected to lift content from Drums of Autumn, the series is getting closer to an ending. Renewed for two more seasons, although the ratings are great, it is doubtful if they will go the distance and adapt all eight novels in the series.

With the awards pouring in for the series, this has turned out to be one of the best book to television adaptations of all time. Fans of the book series have complimented the creative team’s decision in story handling, censorship, flow and especially in the casting. Caitriona Balfe is incredible as Claire Randall, and is arguably representing the most powerful female character in modern television. Season three will uncover new obstacles for the series as they try to find a balance between drama, action and romance.

Which season has been the best so far in Outlander? Are there any major changes to the show that you want to see in season three?

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