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A Seventh season of Dance Moms began airing on November 29, 2016

S7 Started November 29, 2016

Dance Moms is a sports reality drama about a group of young dancers training for competitions in the dancing arts. Both the training and victories are intended to gain them glory, fame, and illustrious careers in the industry if they play their cards right. These rewards are worth the sacrifices made through the somewhat harsh training program headed by Abby Lee Miller, the director of the dancing studio in which the girls practice.

Yet this is only the superficial description of the show. While it is not correct to say that the competitions and rehearsals are a veneer, as they do provide as much excitement as you’d expect from sports competitions, the show owes as much of its success to the exciting athletic storyline as to its Real Housewives-style tensions in the background. The mothers of the girls bicker frequently, sometimes bitterly, in order to squeeze every ounce of advantage from the situation for their daughters. While it is a matter of opinion, it can be said that the conflicts between affluent, outspoken, and opinionated women are at least equally as compelling to loyal viewers as the competitive aspect.

The show is currently in its sixth and most wobbly season according to size of audience. Episode 21 of season six hauled in the leanest catch in the history of the series at less than half a million viewers. This is an uncommonly low number for a show that typically enjoys 1.5 million views. This was the episode with Maddie and Mackenzie leaving the cast. There are rumors that JoJo and her mother might also move on and search for greener pastures in season 6 as well. Since much of the original cast is leaving, this could be what is contributing to the decline in ratings.

This series had a few strong seasons with ratings over the 1.5 million mark, but the general consensus among fans is that the production team takes some creative liberties with the material. The “pyramid” gimmick, where Abby ranks the girls against each other, does cause a lot of hostility in promoting competition among the mothers, but it was manufactured for the show. It is also rumored or confirmed that some of the dance teams that the main protagonists go up against aren’t other dance schools at all, but cherry-picked dancers meant to go up against the team in the spotlight.

That is not to say that the ersatz nature of some parts of the show have historically affected popularity much. Even though it only has an abysmal rating of 4.6 on IMBD as of this writing, #DanceMoms is still widely covered by entertainment journalists and the internet is ablaze with discussion about it. Furthermore, it is said that a movie based on the series could be coming out sometime in the near future.

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With drastically reduced number of viewers, though, it’s anyone’s game. Season 7 is currently being filmed and expected to be released sometime in early 2017, as has happened for the seasons before. We will have to wait and see if the new additions to the cast can carry it as the “elite junior” team begins to grow up and move on

to bigger projects.

What do you think about these rumors? Do you think the show will be as exciting with the absence of JoJo? Do you think Abby is too mean to her students?

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Are you ready for season 7 of Dance Moms? Of course you are! Abby Lee Miller will be back with the rest of the team on November 29th. The premiere will be a ratings thriller that is a follow-up to the Two Teams, Two Studios drama from season 6.

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