‘Dance Moms’ Is Still Going Strong


Lifetime’s controversial show is not only still going strong, but is surviving one of the most brutal lawsuits in entertainment history. They’re still going through season 6 with high ratings, with the most recent episode 24 shining a real bright light into the popularity of the series.

  1. The current lawsuit against host Abby Lee Miller has been delayed for 45 days, leaving news of the sentencing on a pretty significant hold. So the October 11th sentencing has been pushed to December 2nd, conveniently and far after the current season of Dance Moms is over with.
  2. Miller is being charged with fraud, among other things, with damages of over $5 million dollars. There are no doubts of her guilt as she pleaded guilty on June 27 to some of the 20 counts of fraud she faced. On top of the plea, extra charges were added as they found out she violated currency reporting laws!
  3. This is not the first time something in the case has been delayed, and it probably won’t be the last. There have also been multiple extensions, many of which were unwarranted in a case of this magnitude.
  4. It took four months for the show to come back on the air and finish its sixth season, with the next episode set to air on September 13th. Dance Mom’s has actually gained more steam now than it did before it took a break.
  5. If convicted, Miller could face up to five years in jail on just the initial charges. Her skilled legal team already put in motion a plan that would reduce that time, and possibly keep her out of jail completely.

Her show is still the hottest reality series on Lifetime, so if things do go south, then that’s pretty much the end of Dance Moms.

Do you think Miller will go to jail? And if so, will Lifetime replace her or end the show?

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